How To Draw Simple Character Movements in Adobe Animate CC !

This is a short-tutorial video series of Adobe Animate of my YouTube channel. Basically, I want to show you about how to create unique animation of your own from baby steps !


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  1. Zane Wilburn
    Zane Wilburn says:

    If I watch any other tutorial for beginners, they expect you to know what these features are. I couldn’t find anything else to show me and nearly given up but then I saw your video. Thank You!!!

  2. Tyradical
    Tyradical says:

    This is a great video, all other tutorials ive seen make it too complicated XD

    Are you using a mouse or a drawing pad/tablet?(And if so, what kind)

  3. HeyItsLynn
    HeyItsLynn says:

    I’m just getting started with animation and all the videos I have seen so far are far too confusing to me, this one however made everything sound simple and understandable so now I understand the program. Thank you! ^-^

  4. Gary Weatherly
    Gary Weatherly says:

    This video was very helpful. I"m taking an animation class in school, and this really helped. Thanks!


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