Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad – Part 1 – Digital Marketing Tutorials for Beginners – Learn Digital Marketing in Hyderabad from Web Trainings Academy. In this video you will learn the basics of Digital Marketing and How Digital Marketing is different compared to Traditional Marketing. Call 9052425444 for Live Classes or Join our Video Program Online.

Digital Marketing Tutorials for Beginners – Digital Marketing Training Tutorials.

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50 réponses
  1. Yashaswini Reddy
    Yashaswini Reddy dit :

    Helo sir suprvideo…. I wanted to join Urinstitution… I called u many times but u didnt lift my cal…Can i know the cost and duration of this digital marketing course??

  2. Prateek Gupta
    Prateek Gupta dit :

    Sir good morning, at present am 25 years old. should i opt for this course for the job purpose? is graduation is compulsory for opts this course?

  3. Rahul Krishna
    Rahul Krishna dit :

    Is there growth in digital marketing career? Does it contain programming ? Will I have chances to go abroad and work after some experience. Can I completely depend on this technology for my career how will the growth be in future ? I am not interested in programming can I completely depend on this career in whole life .How is the competition in industry
    ? What is the duration and approximate fee to learn this completely. In ur institue

  4. Sarjerao Kadam
    Sarjerao Kadam dit :

    am complet sir 12th …….
    I am passionate digital marketing.. I learn by myself learning digital marketing.
    I would like learn digital marketing so which is a best institute in india.

  5. Surender Nath
    Surender Nath dit :

    Sir, I am a humanities student and have done graduation in History. Is it wise for me to peruse a career in digital marketing?

  6. sanjay kashyap
    sanjay kashyap dit :

    hi sir i m varun kashyap i have completed mba in digital marketing …i have takn a treeng in digital marketing,,,,,,so plse tell me can i build a carrer in vvvry strong…

  7. Raju Sp
    Raju Sp dit :

    Thank you so much for ur videos n I really APPRICIATE ur support in serving the poor. These videos r helping the people who r not able to pay money for their coaching. Keep on uploading new topics for them who really need it.

    I really glad to say – ‘Khuda Hafiz’

  8. Jalal Uddin Arif
    Jalal Uddin Arif dit :

    Hello Azhar Uddin i am jalal uddin from bangladesh. Do you have full vedeo tutorials of digital marketing. I have completed BBA and MBA majoring in marketing. I want be a Digital Marketing expert. How shoud i proceed?

  9. Jatin Prasad
    Jatin Prasad dit :

    Sir, I am a normal Arts graduate and i am 36 years old. So in this age should i go for that course or not. If yes so i don’t have any MBA degree as i am not belonging to the commerce field. So should i opt for this course and what is the scope for this course for job purpose as if someone has not sufficent funds to run business.

  10. Hardik Karelia
    Hardik Karelia dit :

    Hello sir , I am from mumbai , India !! I am in my first year of graduation , i m studing bms (bachelor of management studies ) So should I Learn digital marketing along with bms or after graduation?? Also what are the other courses which i can study other than digital marketing

  11. Lucky Lakshmi
    Lucky Lakshmi dit :

    Hello sir actually I have completed my in 2004 ,but worked as asst professor, for 1 yr, but till now I am house wife. I want to build my career . So can u suggest me is it ok can I learn digital marketing full course

    KRANTHI M dit :

    Sir, i am M Tech mechanical graduate. And i am 27 now I impressed by videos, Has you mention in future will be Digital and lot of Scope for that. Sir can i start my career in Dm now how along it take the course to complete?Please explain.

  13. shinde sunil
    shinde sunil dit :

    Sir I have completed my graduation I’m confuse as a fresher which one is best opportunity and future demand hardware and networking OR digital marketing I have basic knowledge of both but which one is future demand best as fresher

  14. Chanchal Jasuja
    Chanchal Jasuja dit :

    thnx alot ws an amazng video..!!..pls do let me know…where we cn opt 4 this digital marketing course frm..?? we learn it jst by watching tutorial videos on youtube…..or do we need to join in smwhere..

  15. Shaile Jain
    Shaile Jain dit :

    nice vedio …
    need ur suggestions. sir I have done MBA in marketing, last 11 years I have been working in hard core selling.. sir now I want to make my further career in digital marketing. should I go for the same, sir at age 32 will it help me to start new start. need ur suggestions…

  16. Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar dit :

    Sir, I am a Btech Drop out guy in 2011 and my age is 31 and i am working in a Company past 7 years as US IT Recruiter but i want to do Digital Marketing course, so please advice for Job purpose at this point of time can i go ahead or should i stick to my Job.

  17. mounika uttarkar
    mounika uttarkar dit :

    hi..sir..i have completed my n im interested in digital marketing..should i join any course in this or else will it be helpful if i do internships in digital marketing?which one is good

  18. sindhu great
    sindhu great dit :

    Hello sir..i dont have any idea on digital marketing… I seriously interested to work with digital marketing and i need information about home,youth and hurt adds under whhich marketing these comes?? can u please help me out?? Thank U..

  19. Fara nume;
    Fara nume; dit :

    hey, I am new here but I want to ask you a question. If I will learn for almost a year about digital marketing, i don’t know if I will be able to work for next year, I will be able to hire at 16?


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