PDF to Illustrator to InDesign ?

PDF to Illustrator to InDesign ?

PDF to Illustrator to InDesign. Is that possible? Yes, it is. Is it professional, no it is not! David Dilling here from Markzware and I will explain in this software tutorial on working with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and how more.

Illustrator only allows you to import or open ONE PAGE at a time of a PDF! So that is one draw-back or workflow issue right from tyne start. Furthermore, the text, is the fonts are missing, is converted into outlines! Not desirable for a graphic design who needs to make heavy layout adjustments or typography changes.

Markzware PDF2DTP WILL convert multi-page PDFs right into InDesign. With LIVE fonts, even if they are missing! It is as easy as a click to get a PDF right into InDesign. No reason to mess with Illustrator in the middle, use PDF2DTP:

PDF to Illustrator to InDesign

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