Modeling Mini cooper 3DS Max tutorial Part -1

Modeling Mini cooper 3DS Max tutorial Part -1

Blueprint setup not included

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  1. Yves Anselme
    Yves Anselme dit :

    Hello Photo Bots, i’m a beginner in 3ds Max and actually using the 2017’s version, can you help me cause I don’t know how to set the shaded in 2017. if you have any tip please let me know. Thanks
    Nice tutorial BTW

  2. Soldier ofYHVH
    Soldier ofYHVH dit :

    Ahhh! To create new edges you select the edges, then Chamfer!!! When you select an edge and Chamfer it with the Open Chamfer button enabled, it creates a space between the two lines (like he did @ 5:56).Thanks!!



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