InDesign tutorial: How to import Microsoft Word files |

InDesign tutorial: How to import Microsoft Word files |

This InDesign tutorial explores how to use the Place command to import Microsoft Word files with or without formatting. Watch more at

This specific tutorial is just a single movie from chapter four of the InDesign Styles in Depth course presented by author Michael Murphy. The complete InDesign Styles in Depth course has a total duration of 5 hours, and covers text styles, table and cell styles, object styles, and every feature in InDesign that is improved by the use of styles

InDesign Styles in Depth table of contents:

1. Paragraph and Character Styles
2. Advanced Text Styles
3. Creating and Managing Lists
4. Importing Word, RTF, and Text Files
5. Object Styles
6. Table and Cell Styles
7. Styles and Other Features
8. Generating a Dynamic Table of Contents from Styles
9. Managing and Sharing Styles
10. Taking Your Styles to the Web, EPUB, and Accessible PDF

33 réponses
  1. Rohit Neoapne
    Rohit Neoapne dit :

    How do I import a word file that has many equations into indesign? I tried your method and the equations got all messed up.

  2. Gerd Curley
    Gerd Curley dit :

    Is there a way to link the document so that, for an example of my own in work, I design the prospectus in indesign, place text from word, then some time down the line a person wishes to edit the original word document….can we have it set up so that the when the word document is changes, the indesign document auto updates with the changes?  I hope i have explained that ok.

  3. Puneet Sharma
    Puneet Sharma dit :

    Please help me how can create the math and chemistry equation with default settings similar to a pagemaker 7 ,I can’t create a Equation reply me as soon possible thank you

  4. Manon M
    Manon M dit :

    Hi I would like to import a word document, convert it to tables in indesign and link the 2 files to make changes, could you help me with this?

  5. ConstantContext
    ConstantContext dit :

    if this is answered my apologies, i drag a Word doc into indesign and shift release them, the doc is multi page, there are enough pages in the indesign project to cover it, YET! it only imports five pages…why?….Thanks

  6. Watch Ryder
    Watch Ryder dit :

    How do you import hundreds of pages at once?
    I don’t want to have to drag a box for each page, it will take me AGES.


  7. Jay Horn
    Jay Horn dit :

    So…. Every time I do this it keeps crashing. I really want to import it (place) versus copy and paste. It’s a large file… 253 pages. Any suggestions?

  8. nelson vallarta
    nelson vallarta dit :

    Hi… Hello all…Please help me… Iam placing a word file text english and arabic… Why is it that when I place it in indesign it only shows 1 page. It should be 20 pages…the + sign is there but if I am going to link it to another page still it is not showing…When I place it the pages automatically become 4 pages but only the first page has the text… Please help thank you..

  9. JLiRD808
    JLiRD808 dit :

    Can I import a Word doc as an object? I no longer need to edit the text or move images around. Every thing I’ve tried just pulls in the text or images to move around.

    Hope I’m making sense!



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