How to fill the Family Information form (IMM5645E)

The information in this document is subject to change according to the regulations set out by Citizenship and Immigration of Canada. For more information please visit CIC.GC.CA website. This Video is intended to be a guide when completing the application. It is the applicants’ responsibility to answer questions as they relate to their own individual circumstances.
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  1. xavier sumba
    xavier sumba dit :

    Hi! I live with my grandmother. Is it relevant to add her in the form? If so, how do I add her? There is not field to other member. If I have to add, how should I do it?

  2. joe hallam
    joe hallam dit :

    hi guys,

    is there any reason why the only part of the family info document that i cant edit or type on is the signature section.

    have tried on a couple of computers and still no results. whats going wrong ?


  3. Sabel Rose
    Sabel Rose dit :

    What if i have more than 7 siblings? do i need to print it out because there are only 7 spaces for brothers and sisters, we’re 10. I’m doing an online application.

  4. Mark Fisher
    Mark Fisher dit :

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  5. ravinder kumar
    ravinder kumar dit :

    please tell me how fill in my native language punjabi because punjabi is not working when i copy paste its show some signs only

  6. J K
    J K dit :

    what should i write if i don’t have any siblings and children for a working holiday visa? should i leave them empty or how?


    Is it necessary to fill all columns in the row where we put N/A? As I am single, I have put N/A in spouse first row only. Do I need to put N/A in all other columns of that row and tick ‘Not accompanying"?

  8. Lynda Herrera
    Lynda Herrera dit :

    Do we have to signature on IMM5645E for online application? If not, do we just date on the form, is that right?

  9. walid izountar
    walid izountar dit :


    I can not complete my IMM 5645 (family information) because I have more than 7 siblings
    Please, help yourself as soon as possible


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