Writing Jobs Philadelphia – New 2018

Writing Jobs Philadelphia – New 2018

Writing Jobs Philadelphia

If you’re looking for free online jobs from home, why not choose writing jobs? Online marketers and website owners are dying for help when it comes to advertising, marketing, and the constant pursuit of fresh content. You can find these online jobs posted through freelance websites and Craigslist. Take a look at these examples of ways to make money and see which ones match your skills and interests.

Email Marketing

Online marketers need help writing compelling email campaigns and email mini-courses that market their products to their email lists. If you can write copy that influences readers to click on links and purchase products, your copywriting skills will definitely be in service.

Article Writing

Article directories with high page rank create a greater stream of traffic to your client’s website when someone types in a keyword in Google. Website owners want writers who can create quality articles with backlinks to their website. Since marketers don’t want to sit down for hours at a time to churn out dozens of articles, they will happily pay for an experienced writer who can perform these tasks on a specific niche topic.


Marketers are looking for ghost writers to create EBooks that the marketer will then publish. Although your name doesn’t go on the EBook, it’s the client who does all the marketing for the product. You can usually charge $500 or more for a quality written EBook. Many will happily pay more if the material is top notch.

Forum Writing

For online marketers, forum posting can take hours upon hours. A client may pay you to join a forum on gardening, for example, to comment upon the latest garden techniques or tools you use when working in your garden. This is a great way to market products and ideas while linking back to your client’s gardening website. You can actually get paid to talk about a niche you enjoy while helping others by promoting your client’s services. I suggest that you choose a niche you really love because you don’t want to join a forum on dogs if you hate pets.


You can start your own blog for free or write blog posts for a professional blogger who doesn’t have the time. You can charge by the blog post on topics related to the blogger’s website. Some website owners aren’t professional writers, so they could definitely use some help regarding their niche.

When looking for free online jobs from home, you can’t do wrong with online writing jobs. If you produce quality work, your clients will typically hire you over and over again since the point of their job is to continually create quality websites and website content. Start off my looking at job boards for information and learning all you can about opportunities for writing online.

Writing Jobs Philadelphia

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