Top 5 Beginner’s AMV Editing Mistakes

Top 5 Beginner’s AMV Editing Mistakes

Hi there, I’m here with my first tutorial. This is a series of tips for newbies on how to make their videos look INSTANTLY better.

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  1. AvaritiaIra
    AvaritiaIra says:

    I don’t really know if I’ve hit one of these mistakes. I uploaded an AMV three months ago and has been busy at school ever since. It doesn’t have much effect (maybe none) and I don’t even know if I used the transitions right.

  2. Appash
    Appash says:

    I did my first AMV recently, and did none of those mistakes xD But I know how to edit well since some time already ^^

  3. RaOdin AMV
    RaOdin AMV says:

    If you watch my first AMV and then my latest, you will see how much I have improved… I came from just putting a song into a fight scene into something I thought I could never reach, all in mere 2-3 years of constantly practicing new ideas!

  4. Holly Rose
    Holly Rose says:

    Please don’t ask you to critique your videos. I don’t have the time. I made this video so that you can develop skills and learn to critique yourselves, because you won’t have me sitting behind you during the editing process, telling you what to do.

    Also, this video is old. Keep that in mind.

  5. Holly Rose
    Holly Rose says:

    Okay guys I think I’m going to delete this video because it’s outdated and has caused many misunderstandings. Thanks for watching, though!

  6. Waterbladex
    Waterbladex says:

    Nice video. How are my videos? I wanted to ask how can you avoid copyright with like anime clips without having the border and stuff. I don’t have any problems with my AMVs but I tried making a top 10 video but I had to alter the video too much. What’s the bwst way without having to change the video too much. By change I mean mirror the video and such but how can I avoid the border stuff and all that since I’ve seen videos with top 10’s that are fine.

  7. nyc edits
    nyc edits says:

    I just released a video, and I’m looking for constructive comments, to help better my self, I can’t get no where if people are silent. I’ve improved from my last channels.

  8. Zarkade AMV's
    Zarkade AMV's says:

    Its important to think of the anime and the songs as one when making an amv. You wont know how to edit without a song, and you wont know what to edit without an anime!

  9. NamesNot Needed
    NamesNot Needed says:

    im sorry, but #4 got me, not in a bad way. ive been listening to memes for so long that that song is funny to me, and i couldnt help myself.

  10. Marek
    Marek says:

    The problen is that amv creators don’t get it. People like to see fighting scenes with rock music (put effects of course) but people like brutal amvs.

  11. haku.q
    haku.q says:

    About the rock music and fight scene thing; it honestly depends on how creative the editor is w/ there effects and shit. So yeah I agree with everything except the rock music thing

  12. Sun Drive
    Sun Drive says:

    Very useful video i would say. Simple and well put. Probably everybody who is watching it must remember that it’s about BEGINNER editing mistakes.
    Besides everybody must ask himself probably the most important question as a video editor/digital artist or just artist:
    Am i doing it because of the views or because I LIKE WHAT I DO?

    If you always focus on the views you will never get it. One must be simply patient and focused on what he is doing. I am not going to be hypocrite, so i will admit that like an artist i like to get views too, but always reminds myself that the first reason to do it, it’s because i like to make the stuff i love and i want to give it to you guys, to the world out there. Just for fun or at least mainly for fun.

    And even if it’s hard to make a video with a rock song isn’t it a really interesting challenge to be made one, but the proper way?

    I think it’s possible but this will not be a task for a beginner editor, because you know that it will take tons of editing all kind of scenes and place it exactly on the right beat and same time not trying to over do it, because it’s becoming way too predictable. It’s like in the songs, some times the melody happens before the beat, so you get some excitement and never getting bored.

    Have a nice day and peace! ; )

  13. Corrupted Studios
    Corrupted Studios says:

    Honestly, it’s always been rather frustrating to see vids that are just fight scenes with a metal song slapped on it get thousands of views and likes, with people commenting on how amazing it is. It doesn’t help that this trend is growing at a rapid rate, and I feel makes up the majority of AMVs in pretty much every fandom. : /

  14. Craze Cartoonz
    Craze Cartoonz says:

    I make “AMVS” but they aren’t anime… they’re just cartoons because why not… can someone check out mine and give me tips and feedback? I know that I have the black outlines but I just downloaded a app to fix the future ones. So anything else?

  15. Dvärgen
    Dvärgen says:

    Can someone please look at my AMV and tell me what I did bad and good. Since it’s my first AMV I need critique.


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