”Surveillance Footage of a Strange Ritual Gone Wrong” | VERY BEST OF NOSLEEP 2018

”Surveillance Footage of a Strange Ritual Gone Wrong” | VERY BEST OF NOSLEEP 2018

”They seemed like a happy family. At first, that is. The only concern that the dad really raised was that Cal couldn’t go upstairs or have guests over under any circumstances…”

Super excited about this one… some really creepy vibes and it was kind of difficult even to finish reading it!

From an original story by Mr. Outlaw, kindly shared with us at NoSleep and narrated with the author’s permission:

Surveillance footage of a strange ritual gone wrong from nosleep

Background music by Dr. Creepen van Pasta (freely available for use by other Creepypasta / No Sleep narrators):

Video – ‘Mundane’ by Ruthie Parrott; used under the conditions of the Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0 license:

Thumbnail image created using Adobe Spark, with an image from Pixabay used in adapted form under the conditions of the Creative Commons CC0 license:



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50 replies
  1. SassyWitchDee Moon
    SassyWitchDee Moon says:

    Surely there is more to this twisted little treat of a story….pleasd tell me there is more good doctor……👄

  2. Blondiii JustHereToBrowse
    Blondiii JustHereToBrowse says:

    That was definitely up there!! Loved the story, and very well narrated. Two cookies for you, sir.

  3. MANNY~EmberDim
    MANNY~EmberDim says:

    It’s hard to listen to this right now! But that’s because my room feels like an oven right now! xD SO HOT!

  4. willowraine725
    willowraine725 says:

    Bad ass creepy! Ya done great, as always. I think Audible Books need you as a narrator for their books! Then we could listen to you over and over again! You’re like cocaine for the ears 👂😏😎

  5. Nicky Bower
    Nicky Bower says:

    top tale teller.love to know what he looks like.Dunno why,I’m not a homo sexual.I always think that though.lol

  6. scoobyesidoo
    scoobyesidoo says:

    That was some wacked out stuff, what an Imagination !!! I Loved the story, more went wrong in that house than a Ritual Lol…HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13th  Xoxo  Dr.Creepen <3

  7. Victoria Chambers
    Victoria Chambers says:

    Posting you on my FB Doc. Maybe this way, I’ll actually get the chance to listen to you. Great as usual!

  8. DustWarden
    DustWarden says:

    This is some fine "weird fiction" – no explanation, no context beyond a suburban setting – just a vivid, surreal nightmare. Riveting.
    And it didn’t stain the carpet!

  9. Kyla Crush
    Kyla Crush says:

    The Deep Bass of your voice, the creepy flashed images that accompany this story, and the creepy story itself especially told in time duration by far is one of my absolute favorites on your channel!! Absolutely glued to my iPad!!

  10. Jessy Brusso
    Jessy Brusso says:

    Missed you Doc I just got out of rehab been a long few weeks w out your voice glad I’m home and well to listen to my fav narrator🤞🏼👌🏻

  11. LordBitememan
    LordBitememan says:

    And that’s why it’s very important to read the instruction manual on your ritual before plugging in the batteries.

  12. Moon's Daughter
    Moon's Daughter says:

    Well we know what went wrong but what was the initial goal? And how often had it happened? Creepy story. I know I’m behind on your stories but I’m catching up this Monday. So on to the next story in my personal Dr Creepen marathon….

  13. allison kellogg
    allison kellogg says:

    Wow that was crazy. Wonder what the hell that black stuff was. I love watching creepy things like that. Great job as always. Loves to you and yours my darling Dr. Barbara


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