Strength Training at Its BEST!

Strength Training at Its BEST!

Try this short cut to tone up with this workout video strength training at its best.

Join Sarah and Mike D’Angelo at Revolution Fitness in Boston as he shows her the perfect workout to tone up quick. Mike shows Sarah how many reps and sets she should do.

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50 replies
  1. Aaron Pufahl
    Aaron Pufahl says:

    when i started working out for the first time i got my bench up from 135 to 200 in two months working out my upper body one day and lower the next and i did i only took Sunday off. I highly doubt that if i worked out one or few muscle parts a day i would have improved that much, i see some truth to this but im not sure if thats true.

  2. snok123
    snok123 says:

    Fianlly!!! splitting the body into upper and lower! MIke is a true trainer! work till failure and another benefit of working upper body one day and lower body another is that the muscles are given enough time to rest and recover which promotes muscle growth, strength and endurance. Thank you guys for educting the public.

  3. Meme Black
    Meme Black says:

    awesome, this cleared up alot for me… the whole sets/reps thing can be a little overwhelming at first but this video definitely sums it all up, thanks 🙂

  4. SunshineandSand88
    SunshineandSand88 says:

    *ITS!!!!!! WITH NO APOSTROPHE!!!!! Lol sorry. Just a pet peeve of mine. It’s (haha see what I did there) not that hard

  5. Independentness
    Independentness says:

    80 pounds is not in shape. sorry to say.
    Actually, for a fact 80 pounds doesn’t HAVE a shape. Congratulations on looking like a wall.

  6. pronation1
    pronation1 says:

    @chiconspiracy i could make my arms quit, but i’m trying to add mass and weight, if i make my arms quit i would be running through a routine with no rest until the end, not just taking sets 1 workout at a time, :/

  7. Mike McLaren Drumming
    Mike McLaren Drumming says:

    i dont think he meant TOUCH the floor, its just something you say to get as close as you can..its not like resting your knee, just as close as you can.

  8. Luke Kelly
    Luke Kelly says:


    low reps high weight – strength
    moderate reps moderate weight – hypertrophy
    high reps low weight – endurance

  9. vidx03
    vidx03 says:

    although I have body fat, I am not very concerned at this point about losing fat. My interests are strength minus the injury and also building endurance with weights as I hate running.

  10. murkywaters101
    murkywaters101 says:

    the one thing he has right is if he you doo medium size weight and press as hard as possible is great for explosiveness for a guy like a boxer.

  11. guitarlovenjc
    guitarlovenjc says:

    Sarah, you maintained this level of muscle or did it atrophy over time? I’m looking to get stronger! Thanks for the motivation!!

  12. jahlove111
    jahlove111 says:

    i’ve never been able to do move than 10push ups! sooo lame! and i don’t even know if i’m doing them correctly

  13. mollybcutie2000
    mollybcutie2000 says:

    aww good luck on your goal! you should so be a trainer!! keep up the great work love the videos 🙂

  14. pheonixphire
    pheonixphire says:

    i dont know how to practice my squats and lunges..nomatter how concision i am my form i always end up pushing through my toes. i automatically fall fwd where my weight is on my toes and knees. maybe i am too heavy to do these and need to loose more weight?

  15. vidx03
    vidx03 says:

    any idea on how i can become really strong ? I have been working out since I was a teenager, now i am 34. I am pretty strong but I am looking for really super strength. So any pointers you can give me I will be trying out if it makes sense. Thanks.

  16. ankit khera
    ankit khera says:

    Hi Sarah, I really like your videos and congratulations on doing a great job.
    I have subscribed to the video podcasts through ITunes but some how some of the podcasts cannot be downloaded @ cannot be seen in ITunes

  17. pronation1
    pronation1 says:

    I have a problem, if i use a heavy weight my muscle quits, but isn’;t i would say really tired, if i use a lower weight, my muscle just eats the weight, i donno what should i do :/


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