Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial – Adding Light Effects in Photoshop

Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial – Adding Light Effects in Photoshop

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Photoshop manipulation tutorial and adding light effects using Photoshop CC
P.S. Selection models with the pen tool first. then set it as a PNG file
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50 replies
  1. Dominik Toth
    Dominik Toth says:

    Good composition, but unnecessary show off of "i know the hex codes for every color"… just pick them already.

  2. Matouš Hynek
    Matouš Hynek says:

    Looks good, but you should have taken the highlights down in the selection of the person only. The light on the back looks weird, when there is no sun shining.

  3. Masud Pervez
    Masud Pervez says:

    Wonderful! I think if you could add narrations about what you are doing and why instead of the music, it’ll help beginners a lot.

  4. Eduardo Santini
    Eduardo Santini says:

    On min 4.59 if was me it takes another way that backgrounds its real and less blur, much better than the final art.

  5. Mariska Ferreira
    Mariska Ferreira says:

    So uh… It’s a lovely video on how YOU do it, but the point of all this was to learn how *I* can do it. Maybe try explaining, or add notes. Also try to show where you’re going instead of using shortcut keys.

  6. mynmyself
    mynmyself says:

    Fantastic job, Im subscribing. Ill admit the backlight seems a bit hard, but I understand it gives it more of a dramatic feeling. Really enjoyed watching this, thank you


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