Photoshop CC Tutorial : How to Pop Out the colors (Horse Edition)

Photoshop CC Tutorial : How to Pop Out the colors (Horse Edition)

Get The sky Here :
in This Tutorial I’m going to show you How to edit Outdoor animals ( Horse ) Photos !
Enjoy !!
Photo & Edit By : Kaiwan Abdulrahman
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  1. My Cheeky Chestnuts
    My Cheeky Chestnuts says:

    This was so helpful thanks so much! how did you make the white light for the sun? when i tried to do it the edges were really sharp even though the hardness was at 0%. You seemed to press something on your keyboard to create the circle??

  2. Sadaf
    Sadaf says:

    I have a quick question I really appreciate it if you reply me.why when I edit photoes in camera raw the quality is better than lightroom edit? which one is better?

  3. Robert Bascelli
    Robert Bascelli says:

    Another Great tutorial. Thank you for explaining it. By the way, Your English is getting better every day. Very well done.


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