Photoshop CC Tutorial: Creative Paint Splash Effect

Photoshop CC Tutorial: Creative Paint Splash Effect

In today’s Photoshop Tutorial I will show you how to create an awesome paint splash effect using free brushes. We’ll be working with few layer masks, adjustment layers, filters and a few other basic tools. I hope you enjoy! If you do, please slap a like on the video, it lets me know you’ve liked it.

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• Paint Splatter Brushes –

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50 replies
  1. Jovi Bootlegs
    Jovi Bootlegs says:

    Hi there! Been your follower for a long time. I was wondering if you could make more tutorials similar to this one and how to apply texture masks of a face. Thank you!

  2. Beverly Ackerman
    Beverly Ackerman says:

    Okay. Can someone help me out here? When I right click on the model layer to create a clipping mask and then go to the new layer created with the foreground color set to white, instead of the canvas being a blank white, I’m still looking at the model in the new layer created. Because of this I can’t proceed to the step where the brush panel is opened because the screen isn’t blank. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  3. Bernadette Jarrard
    Bernadette Jarrard says:

    I tried this for the fun of it.  Thanks for the tutorial.  It helped me understand a bit more about how to use brushes and layers in photoshop.  I’m a beginner at it all.

  4. MacMan
    MacMan says:

    Why don’t you set the free link for brush i can’t affort buying brushes i payed for photoshop now i have to pay for brush. Poor channel 🙁

  5. Jakub Kubik
    Jakub Kubik says:

    cna someone help me i have problem with brushes i download them from description than i loaded them but there were nothing similar to this which were in tutorial so i wonder if the link is proper i dont know what can i do any ideas

  6. Elisabetta Zifiglio
    Elisabetta Zifiglio says:

    Thank you so much! I love your tutorials, they are very clear and easy to follow. And this effect it’s awesome!

  7. Priyanku Saikia
    Priyanku Saikia says:

    really love your tutorials…helped me a lot…i think yours is the best photoshop channel yet on youtube…THANKS A TON!

  8. Steph D.
    Steph D. says:

    Hey, I’m having difficulties downloading your brushes on your website, it brings me to ad pages and I can’t find the actual download.

  9. clash teacher bd
    clash teacher bd says:

    when I type creat clipping mast the pic stils remains the same.the whole page doesnot turns white..what should I do now…I’m using photoshop cc 2014

  10. Lisa Jouval
    Lisa Jouval says:

    I have the latest version of Photoshop and when I’m going to Panel Brush to choose the same effect as you, I didn’t find it ? Do you know why ?


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