Part 1 – Private tutorial to modeling in 3ds max

Part 1 – Private tutorial to modeling in 3ds max.

This is a beginner tutorial, in 3ds max, with the step-by-step modeling of the within of the room.
These are the files I used in the tutorial for referance:

This Tutorial was created by the 4. dimension

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  1. Manjunath Bakale
    Manjunath Bakale says:

    bro why did you use 3ds cam instead of vray cam…?? what if i want to use the same scene with vray cam..?? what would b da changes required???

  2. SATISH CHANDRA Bangalore
    SATISH CHANDRA Bangalore says:

    Hi Abhishek Thanks for your fantastic Room Modeling video. It will be great help if you post the proper link of the files you used in the project.

  3. Mihaela Maienza
    Mihaela Maienza says:

    Hi, I wanted to follow the tutorial but files are not longer avaiable. Can you fix this? I am really interested 🙂

  4. Mihaela Maienza
    Mihaela Maienza says:

    Hi, I have problems with camera. when i press clipping planes and i change near clip and far clip it doesn’t happen anything, i don’t see the red planes. Please can you help me?

  5. Hossam Almajaly
    Hossam Almajaly says:

    I am doing this tutorial its good but he has some escape, like when he put the camera the lights were already there, but in my practice when I put the camera its all dark except when I switched off the ceiling


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