Lua Tutorial

Lua Tutorial

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Data Types 3:43
Math 6:58
Conditionals 10:53
Ternary Operator 15:20
Strings 16:35
Looping 19:11
Repeat Until 20:44
User Input 20:56
For 22:00
For In 22:29
Tables 23:41
Functions 28:26
Return Multiple Values 29:25
Variadic Functions 33:13
Closure 34:27
Coroutines 36:46
File I/O 40:10
Modules 43:32
Metatables 45:30
OOP 51:00
Inheritance 55:04

50 replies
  1. The Red Gamer
    The Red Gamer says:

    You talk a little too fast, and lost me right quickly. Do you perhapse know any other tutorials with a reduced pace? If it does too fast, it just leaves my memory equally fast, I’m afraid.

  2. Sinnathamby Mahesan
    Sinnathamby Mahesan says:

    Example @32 :40 i is increased after assigning value to StringTable, so to return the number of values in the table, you need to return i-1 rather than i. 🙂

  3. Aaron Parr
    Aaron Parr says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial!
    One minor issue @~32:42: The extra ‘nil’ value printed is because at the very end of our loop, we’ve accessed an index that doesn’t exist in ‘splitStrTable’. If we modify line 10 to start i at 0, this problem goes away.

  4. BendApparatus
    BendApparatus says:

    Here let me fix that title for you…
    Lua tutorial for people with an extensive background in programming.

    There! You’re welcome…

  5. Maneesha Shetty
    Maneesha Shetty says:

    I am unable to compile the "repeat" example.I am using online lua compiler.when i click on execute it’s pooping up alert as " says ".could anyone please help me out?

  6. igor Smirnov
    igor Smirnov says:

    What the point of writing some "default" value in Animal = {height=0, weight=0, name="No Name", sound="No Sound"} ?
    When I create an animal without passing a parasmetres a = Animal:new() thay don’t act as a default value, i.e. height doesn’t store zero , instead it store nil

  7. Sinnathamby Mahesan
    Sinnathamby Mahesan says:

    @50:22 What is the significance of testing aTable == aTable , Isn’t it checking with itself? Do we expect false, by any chance?

  8. Jake Sadlak
    Jake Sadlak says:

    Any time I goto youtube and search for an item and see that it’s by "Derek Banas" I immediately select it. These presentation are precise, well explained and accurate. I have NEVER been disappointed.

  9. JustOTGFrame
    JustOTGFrame says:

    After making a Roblox leveling interface and system, all I have to do to put certain levels to unlock an area or item is this code

    playerlvl = 10

    if playerlvl ≥ 10 then

    io.write("you can go to that area", "n")
    local localvar = 10

    And so on.

  10. Raharth
    Raharth says:

    At 7:30 there is a mistake I think, at least if you compare it to the most current version of lua.
    io.write("5.2 % 3 = ", 5.2 % 3, "n") indeed gives back 2.2 but not 2
    (io.write("5.2 % 3 = ", 5 % 3, "n") actually gives back 2 but I guess that was not his point there?)

  11. Ankush singh
    Ankush singh says:

    Hey , I liked the video based on Lua . I work in Cognixia a leafing training provider across the globe . Recently one of our client based in USA has a training requirement on Lua . So I was looking out fpr trainers and that led me here. If you are interested in delivering onsite trainings .do contact at to understand the requirememt better.

  12. Fabrice Chapot
    Fabrice Chapot says:

    Hi ! I wonder how to have my .lua file executed on the terminal like shown in the video. I’m on mac osx. Thank you !

  13. David Gingerich
    David Gingerich says:

    Lua is a caveman language, I can’t do myNum++, let alone myNum += 1, no, I have to do myNum = myNum + 1. Seriously, they are still releasing new versions every now and then, WHY NOT ADD SHORTHAND?

  14. Maneesha Shetty
    Maneesha Shetty says:

    Awesome explanation with super speed control.But,I feel you skipped clear explanation for files just opened a file and called file:write("….") .I didn’t understand the difference between "r+" and "a+".


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