Introduction to Adobe Animate [part 1] | Tutorial

Introduction to Adobe Animate [part 1] | Tutorial

we have our Animate CC. We draw a lot of stickmen fight it is unreal!

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Reasey Pinnorak
    Reasey Pinnorak says:

    I can understand why Kaspars Olehno don’t understand. Because in the video the speaker’s examples is too complicated for who is a very beginner.

  2. 【jaavice】
    【jaavice】 says:

    Is it possible to just import an image then add some sort of skeleton like in unity, then move each limb without having to redraw?

  3. eleanormaywood
    eleanormaywood says:

    this was far too quick, you also didn’t talk us through which buttons you were pressing when selecting tools etc.

  4. The Dragon’s Lair D&D Player Tips
    The Dragon’s Lair D&D Player Tips says:

    Thank you for the video! I will have to consider using this for animation. I don’t draw with a mouse so it’s unlikely on my PC.

  5. Предраг Николић
    Предраг Николић says:

    I have a question ,i would like to make remake history like battles and wars ,and i need a map .So could i just put finish pictures in and ad couple of flags and make them move you know like an army going from one region to another ?Please it would mean a lot to me i like your work but i m not such a artist like you are so can’t really draw .Like from me .

  6. Elpropapu 12
    Elpropapu 12 says:

    Mira pedaso de ortro esste programa vale medio kilo de huevo, es complicadop de usar y me importa 5 pepinos cubicos de verga la mierda que haga la gente con esta porqueria, perdon amigo pero estoy hasta el re orto de esta put a porqueria, tu video de asco, tu canal da asco y este programa cancerigeno me da gonorrea, eta mejor descargar porno en la dip guev qyuue ver tyu puto video de miuerda en el que explicas mas mierda de la que ya ya eresllevo perdidas seis putas horas tratandoi de borrar 14 putas frames y no her podido porqueria de programa, da cancer.-

  7. Sirloin Films
    Sirloin Films says:

    This is what I’ve been looking for, someone who can help me get started without bogging me down with too much. Great tutorial and I can’t wait to get started on the second one of your series. Nice one 👍

  8. PetersTravels1
    PetersTravels1 says:

    The circle animation created by tweening is not really smooth.
    I am needing to have a tall rectangle move sideways slowly across the page.
    Is Animate suitable for this or is there something else you can recommend, please?
    For example the videos Eugene Khutoryansky created using Poser are smooth. However I suspect that they are beyond my ability.


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