How to IMPORT and EDIT Motion Graphics Templates in Adobe Premiere Pro CC Essential Graphics Panel?

How to IMPORT and EDIT Motion Graphics Templates in Adobe Premiere Pro CC Essential Graphics Panel?

Envato Market’s VideoHive Motion Graphics Templates (.MOGRT):
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How to Import and Edit Motion Graphics Templates? New Essential Graphics Panel Updates – Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial

What is a .mogrt? It is a Motion Graphics Template. You can install a .mogrt in your Essential Graphics Panel in Adobe Premiere Pro CC to create quick and awesome titles and transitions for your video. This tutorial will teach you the new April 2018 updates to the Essential Graphics Panel in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and how to install MULTIPLE motion graphics templates (.mogrts) in Premiere Pro at a time (both MAC AND PC) with the new Local Templates Folder.

Where is the local templates folder on your computer?

For CC2018.1
username/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Motion Graphics Templates/

root ://Users/username/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Common/Motion Graphics Templates/

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50 replies
  1. KF Brand Studio
    KF Brand Studio says:

    Hey Premire Gal… Great presentation! If you download a .mrgt from Adobe stock, and make some minor tweaks (i.e. – change color, some text, etc), then want to use this revised version for future videos, it doesn’t seem like there is a way to turn the modified .mgrt into a template that doesn’t need revisions each time it’s used. Am I correct? In other words, let’s say the revised .mgrt has 3 changes: 1) blue background changed to purple across all .mgrts, 2) headline has been changed to, let’s say "Photography Best Practices", 3) sub text that would be unique for each video… Here’s my issue: each time I use the template, I don’t want to have to change color background and retype the new headline. It seems I’m always starting from the original Adobe Stock .mgrt. Do I have to do that?

  2. Chase Starr
    Chase Starr says:

    Hello Premiere Gal. Awesome YouTube Channel and thank you for sharing. Keep up the fantastic work. I just subscribed. I have a question, how do you add the templates from Motion Array, the free templates section to Adobe Premiere Pro 2018? I have singed up to get the free AE templates. When I downloaded and imported the file/template it says I need to get After Effects. In addition do I need to download the (Plug Ins) to link AE to AP? I’m using Windows PC. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you! 🙂

  3. andrew mullins
    andrew mullins says:

    Quick tip! If you can’t find your common folder. go to your C: drive and go to the search bar in the top right. For some reason my path was off and could not access from folder to folder but searching in the top right found it.

  4. treacherousme
    treacherousme says:

    Hi, I have installed some motion graphics and it says that I need AE to use them? Is there a way around this or do I have install AE onto my computer before I can use motion graphics?

  5. Nomad By Fate
    Nomad By Fate says:

    hardly i managed to success in install it…but only one by one…in the folder nothing inside…!!! and when i open them " the preview is quite ok" but once imported they are totally messed up…and controls to fix them doesn’t work AT ALL ! such fail all this upgrades that never works and only make trouble…!!

  6. Brett Iwanowicz
    Brett Iwanowicz says:

    Any suggestions, I imported a number of essential graphic templates. I originally did not have the fonts, which I did import, I can see they are there if I add a text box. However when I drag the graphic to my clip, its a preset adobe font, looks like times new roman, or something. I cant seem to figure this out.

  7. Ant-Brad
    Ant-Brad says:

    Thank You! This is a great Video and so will explained!… But where is your site??? I clicked on the link below your YouTube video but they take me to Envato?? Is Envato your site?… Lastly I did try a couple of text templates that I’ve purchased but a popup stating fonts not included… Are the FONTS included In the packs that I purchase from your site ? Thanks Again…

  8. Kyler
    Kyler says:

    my .mogrt files are photoshop files and i think this is why there not popping up in premiere, anyone know how to change the files?

  9. Wendy John
    Wendy John says:

    Thankyou SO MUCH for making this simple and short. I cannot do Lower Thirds – was always a bit scared of them! You rock !!

  10. Greased n Gassed
    Greased n Gassed says:

    Hi, great tutorial and it worked for me but now the templates wont go into my clip when I drag them across. Any ideas? Cheers!

  11. Dave Patterson
    Dave Patterson says:

    Which version of Premiere Pro does this video apply to? I am using Premiere Pro 2018, but I don’t see the Essential Graphics folder at the location you describe on my Mac.

  12. Minority Nomad
    Minority Nomad says:

    Thanks for this. One issue I ran into, the templates I bought from Envato says I need to install After Effects to use them. Is this common? Should I grab it?

  13. Billy Casimir
    Billy Casimir says:

    Thank you for taking the time to make this tutorial but I have a love/hate relationship with online tutorials. They’re great when they work. For starters I cant find the folder path with the motion graphic templates (using a PC), I tried to search the hard drive but there are tons of folders named AppData. Secondly my adobe stock button is greyed out and I cant figure out why, a quick google search did not get me any direct answer. Thirdly I cant hover over my existing templates, call me lazy but I dont like having to drag, drop, & render ONLY TO SEE what something looks like then do that 10 more times until I see what I like. This type of stuff happens all the time and It gets so frustrating. I’m a PC/Android guy but I am very close to getting a mac only for final cut pro x because every time I need help with something I spend an excessive amount of time watching tutorials which delays delivery of paid work. I used final cut for the first time in years the other day and the learning curve was tremendously low, my one grip is premiere gives you more flexibility to do what you want, how you want it. It’s taking me 2 hours to edit a short 15 second workout clip for Instagram.

  14. Andy Engelkemier
    Andy Engelkemier says:

    I’d love to know where to access a template (I refuse to call them Mogurts) if they’ve been shared by a team member via a Library. My coworker created one before we knew about Intro and Outro under the responsive design menu. "protecting" the biginning or end doesn’t keep it there unless you use that. So I need to edit that, and he’s on vacation. oops. But I can’t find where the heck those Files are. Any idea how to get access to a library file that is shared via a shared library?

  15. Morgan Williams
    Morgan Williams says:

    I love you so much right now!!! Was pulling my hair out trying to find that bloody folder. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

  16. Bastian Rivero
    Bastian Rivero says:

    love the name mogrt hahaha its like a mix between yoghurt, and muggle (harry potter term) and mogli from the jungle book haha mogrt! MOoooogrt!

  17. Tomáš Peter
    Tomáš Peter says:

    Is there a way how to rename/add keywords to multiple mogrts at once? So they are then easy to find in the search bar inside the premiere. Renaming or adding keywords to them 1 by 1 is a pain.

  18. Bidaqiqa - بدقيقة
    Bidaqiqa - بدقيقة says:

    For windows users like me:
    Step 1: Window key + R
    Step 2: In the RUN box, type: AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Common/Motion Graphics Templates/

    Done. Enjoy the shortcut 🙂

  19. BBQ and Bottles
    BBQ and Bottles says:

    Wow… this was honestly one of the best Premiere tutorial videos I’ve seen. I was struggling to import these .MOGRT flies and this dealt with every single painpoint I had along the way! Love it.

  20. Christopher Uhle
    Christopher Uhle says:

    Thank you I was highly annoyed trying to add them one at a time I bought a pack with 500 so you can see the frustration lol


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