How to Design a magazine in Indesign CC Tutorial

How to Design a magazine in Indesign CC, Tutorial,

to Learn how to create a magazine with Indesign. In this tutorial, we covered the basic tools you need to dive and start, cover you create your mind-blowing documents.

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33 replies
  1. Porchia Dallas
    Porchia Dallas says:

    This was a great instructional video.  I did not think InDesign was so easy or maybe you made it appear easy.  THANK YOU!!!!

  2. Ina Reding
    Ina Reding says:

    great video! Thank you. I’m doing a little magazine for my graduation at school. should I mention you in my appendix?

  3. Dana Mathews
    Dana Mathews says:

    GREAT VIDEO as always! QUESTION: Why would you need to setup a separate cover? Even if they setup things differently wouldn’t they still have the pages as separate PDFs ( if needed ) and could move it accordingly to their needs? Are there situations where the pages setup as you have them wouldn’t work in publishing?

  4. Mike Atencio
    Mike Atencio says:

    While this is a great video. It would be easier if you slowed down just a little so we can see what buttons you are clicking on. I had a really hard time keeping up and had to keep going back and stopping the video. I never used indesign before until today so might like to do a new video a little slower for newbies like me. Thanks. Very informative but had to watch a different video. to understand the button functions and get it all

  5. Dawn Boyer
    Dawn Boyer says:

    Is there a tutorial about taking dozens of pages or more and having them run over to the next page (continuous text) ?


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