How to Add Multiple Links to One Image with Image Maps

How to Add Multiple Links to One Image with Image Maps

You’ll know from a previous blog post that having websites linking out of your Blog or website is a great way to drive traffic.
If you are a WordPress user you’ll probably already know how to embed a URL to a work within your text. But what about embedding URLs to images and having multiple URLs?

In this how-to you’ll learn how to use a tool called image maps to embed multiple images to your website within images in just a few easy steps. Using a basic copy and paste HTML Code format which is very straightforward.
You’ll also see that there are a couple of custom options if you to add a URL to an image which isn’t rectangular or square.

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  1. montgal52
    montgal52 says:

    Wow!!!! That was great information. I didn’t know that. I needed JUST that kind of tool for the assignment I am currently doing. You are GREAT!!!!!!! Thank you.

  2. Insurance Trucker
    Insurance Trucker says:

    How do I remove source code from the html after the links are created?  the image became a bit glitchy after adding links. 

  3. Leysa Matity
    Leysa Matity says:

    Hello, have you ever done this for a Gmail Signature. I want to show three social media links in my signature image. However it appears gmail is not recognising the links.

  4. Bruce Manning
    Bruce Manning says:

    Scratching my head re. inserting a multiple link image onto a WordPress page (know how to do hotspots in DW) then found this vid via simple Google search. Really useful – thanks!

  5. Miriam Peuser
    Miriam Peuser says:

    Hey, Jo! Sorry, but I need quite a bit help, I think. When I copy the HTML code and paste it into my blog, it doesn’t work (it doesn’t show the image but the naked link) 🙁


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