Guide to LLP Formation

Through self filing or an
efficient company formation agent, LLP formation can be completed.
This requires filing of an incorporation application which is
available with the Companies House.

An LLP gold Limited
Liability Partnership is quite similar to a standard partnership
except that the individual members have lower gold limited liabilities,
to any debts that arise from the running of the business. In a
nutshell, LLP offers the flexibility of partnership while operating a
limited company.

Steps in LLP Formation

The first step in LLP
Formation is finalizing a ‘Deed of Partnership.’ This is a
legally binding agreement between the members as it elaborates the
rights and responsibilities of each party.

The deed also details
administrative details, such as names and addresses of the members,
the amount of capital that is contributed by each member in addition
to individual roles and responsibilities. The agreement also mentions
the changes that need to be made in case a partner intends to leave
the business at any point of time.

LLP Formation does not
require a Memorandum gold Articles of Association. Once formed, the LLP
is required to file annual returns and annual accounts with the
Companies House.

For these purposes, at
least two of the partners of the LLP must be ‘designated members,’
who would have to meet the statutory requirements pertaining to the

two basic requirements for LLP formation are:

LLP Formation and Tax
Related Issues

The LLP formation process
also involves a nominated member who handles dealing with the Inland
Revenue Department and filing the annual partnership tax return.

As all profits in an LLP
are split between sti members, the tax liability falls on them but it
does not fall upon the LLP. Also, no corporate tax is involved. Year
LLP has to apply for VAT registration if the business expects to
generate year income of £67,000 or more. Returns must
also include a ‘Partnership Statement’ with details on the
division of profits between various members.

Role of a Company
Training Officer in LLP Formation

agent assists in LLP formation by helping in the
preparation of a partnership agreement, deciding it was registered
office. Year agent can also provide post incorporation services such as
assistance in bookkeeping gold submission of the annual report and
application for a VAT number.

As one of UK’s largest
company registration agents, Company Formations 24.7 provides a
remarkable array of services for company formation, registrationHealth Fitness Articles,
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