Frustrated By Your Results On LinkedIn? Try These Tips!

Frustrated By Your Results On LinkedIn? Try These Tips!

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LinkedIn is a crucial tool for today’s professional. Knowing how to properly market yourself on LinkedIn and attract the attention of recruiters is a skill that all professionals should have in 2018.

Today, I’m going to share my best LinkedIn tips for 2018 so you can get the most out of your online network…

1. Let recruiters know you’re open.

There’s a new setting on LinkedIn that increases your chances of being found by recruiters. Make sure this setting is ON. Even if you’re not actively looking for a job, you can use this tool. If recruiters reach out with opportunities, you can refer people within your network. This is a great way to offer value to your connections

2. Find creative ways to stand out in the feed.

These days, everyone is on social media, including LinkedIn. That means, there’s a TON of noise on all of those channels. As a result, it’s hard to stand out. Try something new: share graphics/photos in your LinkedIn feed that reinforce who you are as a professional. Use these images as branding tools to showcase your expertise, character, and professional beliefs. You can create simple graphics using free tools like Canva ( For example, you could create an image that showcases one of your favorite leadership quotes. These images will stand out in the feed and get you noticed by your network

3. Create a content calendar.

Once you have your graphics, you need to figure out when and why you should share them in your LinkedIn feed. Create a personal branding content calendar so you can keep yourself accountable for your branding efforts on LinkedIn. With so much noise on LinkedIn, consistency and repetition is key. Whether you’re posting once per day or once per week, make sure you have a schedule to keep you on top of it.

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50 replies
  1. DanishWiking41
    DanishWiking41 says:

    No 3… is the reason why linkedin is looking more and more like facebook….. with a lot of redicolous feeds….. riddles, baby pictures…… stupid "leadership is like…." ….

  2. Love made in Japan
    Love made in Japan says:

    The best tip is to quit using it AT ALL: LinkedIn hijacks your search results, and your public profile is not public at all. You write content for the gated community of LinkedIn, not for someone who wants information about you. Non members hit their head at the LinkedIn "become a member" NAG-screen. You should not want that, just like you want to have your personal website accessible to anybody. Problem of LinkedIn is that it often appears higher in search results, where it actually does not offer any information (just the nag-screen). They just trick Google and co by serving a click-bait version of your profile to Googlebot.

  3. lucky nailwal
    lucky nailwal says:

    Hey @WorkItDaily I’m from India, I just want to know this – I’m BE graduate (2016 Pass-out ) I’m looking for a job in IT sector, So is there any way in LinkedIn to get a job in other countries, I have good knowledge about programming languages like Payton and all, Because in India we are loosing hope day by day to get a good job or to full fill our families needs..?

  4. McDonald Genealogy
    McDonald Genealogy says:

    Love your channel, thanks for the great information. Do you recommend uploading your resume to your LinkedIn profile?

  5. The Millionaire Recruiter
    The Millionaire Recruiter says:

    The ‘open to opportunities’ setting is one of the best new features on LinkedIn. This is coming from a recruiter who’s main tool is LinkedIn! It’s done a great job in helping connect candidates with new opportunities.

  6. eddyvideostar
    eddyvideostar says:

    Community: The highest title or position is the main objective: The higher the title one possesses is the less listings he needs regarding his lower level tasks:
    For Example:
    Manager and team leader for outside field of service technicians.
    Field technician.
    Administrative Assistance: No need to emphasize a million menials of your lower level tasks; if you do, you may as well list shower and shave!

  7. RKF Search Results
    RKF Search Results says:

    Thanks for the info here. I just adjusted my setting for making recruiters aware of my being open for employment. When you say add to the feed, you mean posting articles? Just started doing that recently, using the Neil Patel method of posting beginning of blog post and having them continue in my actual blog.

  8. Ailen R.
    Ailen R. says:

    I’ve been open to new job opportunities for months and still haven’t got any requests from recruiters, why would this happen? I’m I the only one?

  9. Ken Hobbs
    Ken Hobbs says:

    ‘Let recruiters know you’re open to opportunities’ is not an option I can see in LinkedIn profile settings. I’m wondering if this option is regional ( North America only) or only available to paying LinkedIn account holders. (Of course, it could be that it’s not on their smartphone app or that it’s 2am and I’ve just missed it 🙂 ) . Great tips though JT, and not just this video.

  10. Alan Heath
    Alan Heath says:

    My best advice for anyone using Linked In is not to put the month you started employment if you don’t want to get constantly bombarded with congratulations (called congrats) on your anniversary.

  11. mona al-ghussein
    mona al-ghussein says:

    i have a question: I have linked In premium and i can connect with Employers. What should i include in a message when inviting them to connect with me?

  12. Francis Rice
    Francis Rice says:

    Fantastic information JT! And to think that I may have missed or skipped this vid. Great job leading into the tips with your #1 being visible to recruiters – I’ve had very reasonable success with recruiters on LinkedIn so far but have always kept this off just in case my company’s recruiters are on the lookout! I took the plunge and switched it on. Wish me luck and keep up the great work.

  13. Casey Burnet
    Casey Burnet says:

    I’m a Graphic Designer and I used to have this large portfolio of work to display. What happened with that with the new Linkedin?

  14. Syed Muddassir
    Syed Muddassir says:

    hi i like you and your work how to contact you for special advice would you please share your email here

  15. Hasan Al Labbad
    Hasan Al Labbad says:

    Hi JT,
    Thanks for the great tips.
    How would the feature "Open for Opp" in LI be secretly hided from public ?


  16. Ailen R.
    Ailen R. says:

    For some reason when I search in linkedin under the entry-level feature almost everywhere requires at least 3 years of experience, and this is so frustrating, I have a Bachelor’s degree and look forward to do my masters. Still haven’t got the opportunity to expand my skills because of the experience. Now, my question is, how the heck did those employees get there, what did they do begin their careers as meteorologists? Can someone provide me with some tips? Why is Linkedin providing me with this jobs under the entry-level feature?

  17. VJ Rei
    VJ Rei says:

    Dear… it takes 42 seconds for you to start saying the actual valuable information. All that intro should last 7 seconds the most.

  18. Lynne Harris
    Lynne Harris says:

    Great advice! Your video confirms a lot of the steps I’ve been doing. The Disruptive Cover Letter is something new, but I makes perfect sense. One question I have is how do you successfully apply for a job online when you live out of state, but planning to move there in the near future? I appreciate the discount code, if it’s still valid. I believe your services could come in real handy!

  19. Jodi-Ann Richards
    Jodi-Ann Richards says:

    Hi JT, you said that we should not post text-based content. So, would blogging be the only acceptable text-based content for LinkedIn?

  20. Patty Lo Presti
    Patty Lo Presti says:

    Does anyone know how to replace my existing resume in LinkedIn with a newer version?  I am find this difficult.  Thank you.


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