Frost Effect in Photoshop

Frost Effect in Photoshop

In this fun tutorial I will show you how to create a FROST on your images.
With this technique you can freeze basically any object you want.

➤ Here you can download a tutorial files:
➤ Complete PSD file of this tutorial (just for my Patreon friends):

Have fun!


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➤Here is the list of equipment that I use:

Camera for tutorial recording:
Microphone for tutorial recording:
My MAIN camera:
Second camera:
My Everyday camera bag:

50 replies
  1. jimstavenuiter
    jimstavenuiter says:

    Hi great video! Thanks.
    When i press filter galary for the second part of the proces it doesnt open, it just applys the last choiche i made on the object. So i end up with a 2 or 3 double plastic wrap on it. What do i have to do? Cheers!

  2. Ocsir B
    Ocsir B says:

    Ok, I was looking for something new. Man this is old I was doing this back in the 90’s with photoshop 3 oh well when you have been using photoshop for over 25 years it is hard to see something new.

  3. Vortex Films
    Vortex Films says:

    Im doing the same exact thing, and yet it is changing the hue and saturation on the object AND the background!! I do not get it

  4. Johann Casio
    Johann Casio says:

    Most understandable and well presented Tutorial EVER. Every step is there. Every detail is Unique! Keep up the great woek!!!


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