Frame Rates EXPLAINED: How To Film & Edit Mixed Frame Rate Video In Premiere Pro

Frame Rates EXPLAINED: How To Film & Edit Mixed Frame Rate Video In Premiere Pro

How do I choose to shoot at a certain frame rate? And how do I edit mixed frame rate footage in Premiere? Here is EVERYTHING you need to know about frame rates!
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50 replies
  1. jasonffx01
    jasonffx01 says:

    Great tutorial. Thank yu. But If you have all 3 clips and the last clip is 60fps which you want to just only to slow mo a portion of it, how is it going to be? So the 60fps clip that doesn’t slow down wont be so smooth right?

  2. Christian Ramnarine
    Christian Ramnarine says:

    This, the most def the holy fucking grail of all the headache I had while TRYING to use PremierePro, this explanation was fucking spectacular. Thank you VERY much.
    Couple things though, I understand the FPS you explained, and I loved the way you set all the clips to 24fps, but what if i wanted to speed ramp up part of one of the clips that was 60fps then hit the slow motion half way through the clip for a timed effect. If I use the method of selecting all the clips and setting them at 24fps, do I now manually speed ramp that one specific clip back up? and if I do so, would it maintain the frames you told PP to drop (or convert to 24fps)
    – ps: not sure if I explained that correctly.

    but thanks again, gonna watch the other three videos you posted linked to this.

  3. TT Smasher
    TT Smasher says:

    Lol. I was the guy you talked about. I’m shooting family party, we play games or stuffs like that. I shoot everything in 60fps to slow down whatever I want to in post. I’m not aware that there’s a weird look when you put a 60fps in 24fps timeline. I’m gonna need to seriously look at my footages and rethink about fps choice. Maybe it’s good enough, maybe it’s not. For every day event, I love to capture people laughing, that’s the reason why 60fps is such useful tool, unfortunately it’s hard to plan those shots before hands

  4. drutgat2
    drutgat2 says:

    Hi Matt. Thanks very much for this. Does this methodology work in most of the main video editing software programmes? I will probably be using Davinci Resolve in a couple of months.

  5. Alpinexxx1
    Alpinexxx1 says:

    Hi Matt. Quick question…In another one of your videos, I believe it was exporting 4k to YouTube, Vimeo, etc… You had stated to create a sequence and create a preset that was a DSLR 1080p and select it to change the frame size to 4k. You had also mentioned that there wasn’t a 4k option, but now, in this video, you selected the REDR3D and did the drop down to 4k. Does this latest video replace the earlier dated video? Basically, If I use the REDR#D, then I don’t need to create a new file sequence and create the DSLR video preset? Sorry for the newbie question…by the way, great job, the sixty one pissers that gave you a thumbs down on this video are complete asswits. Keep up the good work!

  6. Nihal Honaly
    Nihal Honaly says:

    hey….matt pls tell me the best way to compress 50fps to 24fps……… aviod that unpleasantness in footage

  7. Zach Rinn
    Zach Rinn says:

    Question: I have a variable frame rate sequence set up like this, but when I go to export the audio does not sync. What am I doing wrong?

  8. Matt Begala
    Matt Begala says:

    Great tutorial; you have FANTASTIC energy. One question though: after an event when you have TONS of clips in the bin, does it get confusing trying to go back and figure out which were shot at 24fps vs. 30fps vs. 60fps vs. 120fps? Or do you have a seperate method for organizing once you’ve told Adobe to interpret them all as 24.976 fps? I imagine, since you talked about the purpose and intention of shooting moments at certain frame rates, you’re fine with whatever Adobe does to them. Just curious. Again, great vid!

  9. Inspire Life
    Inspire Life says:

    Can I change all the clips to 24p even my proxy clips? The last step. Can I highlight my clips in my bin even the proxy clips and change all the clips to 24p.

  10. Nicholas Fedyk
    Nicholas Fedyk says:

    Seriously bro! You are killing it with these Youtube Videos! I havent even edited my first video yet and all the info you explain makes sense! Thank You! P.S. keep makin’ ’em!

  11. Arkadi Ardasenov
    Arkadi Ardasenov says:

    Hi Matt! How can I modify 30fps footage to 24 without frame dropping? All that I Tried in Pr and Ae (frame blanding or optical flow) not gives me smooth result. Thanks!

  12. steve vickers
    steve vickers says:

    Great video. A question though, if using proxy files when do you create them – before or after interpreting the footage?

  13. childlogiclabs2
    childlogiclabs2 says:

    WORST TUTORIAL EVER, AND THIS VIDEO IS WRONG. Everyone should capture the video in 50fps not in 24 as he is saying. Shooting in 50s can give you natural 24 frame rate as well as SMOOTH SLOW MOTION footages. This video is wrong and should not be take seriously. Everyone especially wedding videographers should shoot the wedding in 50fps.

  14. Kevin L. Houghton
    Kevin L. Houghton says:

    Wow….need to pay you for that, jk! Thank you so crazy!!! much. Life just got a lot smarter… easier my…oh what should I call you? Uhmmmm, Mr. Bad Ass!

  15. Ibtisam Akram
    Ibtisam Akram says:

    First of all thank you so much for your awesome video editing tips and tutorials. So i am a beginner at video editing and i have a question regarding frame rates. What if i am covering an event where i dont exactly know which portions will i be doing slow motions so lets say i shoot 70% of video in 60fps and 30% in 24fps. Would i be bringing all that in a 24fps timeline sequence? and lets say i end up doing only a 10% slowmo of that 70%/60fps. What happens then? does the 60fps footage look bad after final export? Or whats the better way of editing such a scenario. Thanks!!

  16. Atom View
    Atom View says:

    hey Matt, got a question. Wich fps do you recomend for recordind a scene where I want to play it in normal speed but suddenly slow it down to a slow mo. I mean.. the same scene but first normal speed and then in slow motion. Greetings from Chile though!! thx

  17. Ron B
    Ron B says:

    I’m new (ish) and a bit confused. I shoot with the sony a7sii. In file format XAVC S HD, I have the options for, well you know you taught a set up for this camera. In XAVC S 4K, in record setting I have an option for 30p 100m & 24p 100m. My question is are you shooting HD not 4k when filming in 60 and 120fps? With my camera it seems the only option I have for shooting above 30 fps is HD? A little help please.

  18. Kenyez
    Kenyez says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial! But how can i play 60 fps clips in normal speed, not slow motion, mixed with 25 fps clips?


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