eBay Store Design Tutorial | How To Create Custom Graphics for an eBay Store

eBay Store Design Tutorial | How To Create Custom Graphics for an eBay Store

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website i used in video: http://www.canva.com

In this video I demonstrate how to create an eBay store design from scratch in just a few minutes. It is not as difficult as you may think creating custom graphics for your eBay store, as a matter of fact, you do not need to be a graphic designer, have any experience in graphics or have a large budget to get professionally looking graphics and designs for your eBay store. This video explains how you can design your eBay store yourself for free as well as how to hire someone to create a custom eBay store design on your behalf relatively inexpensively. I speak about how to create your own ebay custom header and custom logo.

Dimensions for an eBay boarder = 1200 x 270
dimensions for ebay store logo = 300 x 300 or 150 x 150

To create an ebay store design yourself you can use http//www.canva.com

To outsource your ebay store design work check out these websites:

http:www.fiverr.com and https://www.freelancer.com/

I hope this video helps you out.

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Sam Dey

50 replies
  1. Ilan Edri
    Ilan Edri says:

    I understand that but there’s some things I don’t understand when it comes to ebay store.
    I saw many stores that has a cool background, and stuff.
    I wish I could show you some examples so you can guide me on how to do the same since I already
    have a designer that is ready to do this for me but she’s not familier with ebay store.

  2. luvmypeaceofmind simplynatural
    luvmypeaceofmind simplynatural says:

    Thanks so much! Everything worked perfectly! Can you tell me how to customize the area along the left side where my items are listed in categories? I want it to appear similar to my billboard. Thanks so much again…so excited!

  3. Biff Tannen
    Biff Tannen says:

    Hey, Sam – thank you for your videos. Would you know a way to change your store’s name in your listings? I created an ebay store a week ago and thought of a better name, so I changed it. My actual store shows the new name, but in my listings, it still shows the original store’s name. Would you know how to change your store’s name in your listings pages to reflect your new store’s name? Thank you!

  4. David Haye's Toe !
    David Haye's Toe ! says:

    Just came across your channel. Excellent rich content, I finally came across the real MVP! You’re from Britain, so and content is recent which suits me.

    Thanks pal!

  5. Laura Cavender
    Laura Cavender says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. Canva is a great site and I was able to set up my Ebay store banner and logo in under half an hour.

  6. motowndizzy8
    motowndizzy8 says:

    In Canva once I’ve designed my banner for EBay clicking on download doesn’t offer a save jpeg option. It only offers a Send image to, and a Download to. Can’t figure out how to save design to add to my EBay store banner. Please help. Thanks!

  7. mastertom rudy
    mastertom rudy says:

    your Tutorial is very professional Sam but you didn’t do your homework. I spent 5 hours building a really cool billboard for my new ebay store. Only on repeated attempts to download it i failed. So I sent canva a lInk and explained my difficulties and their response was SORRY OUR SITE DOES NOT SUPPORT EBAY AT THIS TIME, WE ARE WORKING ON IT

  8. Rohan Persaud
    Rohan Persaud says:

    Hi Sam I follow your instructions and it worked.

    however today I redo my logo and it will not upload to my store ‘

    I tried over and over and no success

    your help please

    thank you

  9. Da Malat
    Da Malat says:

    Just trying to get to grips with our eBay store and finding it a little difficult. This video is by far the most useful and easy to follow I’ve come across so far !! Well done, keep up the great work.

  10. SimplyJanet
    SimplyJanet says:

    This won’t fit in the in eBay store’s billboard. In fact, no size seems to want to fit and they’ve been having problems with it for years now. As far as headers go; can’t figure out for the life of me what to edit out of the HMTL code in order for it to work. I’ve tried just about everything to get the header to work and still can’t! Nice though for the logo!

  11. mastertom rudy
    mastertom rudy says:

    sure how about telling me how to get my created canva image onto my ebay storefront, i’ve been trying for 4 hours and i share and copy and copied and i get nowhere

  12. Chuck McCay
    Chuck McCay says:

    Opening my first eBay store and this is the best video I’ve found to assist. I look forward to watching your other videos. Your information is clear, concise and easily understood. Thank you.

  13. Juba Simple
    Juba Simple says:

    Everything was perfect.
    Great Video, thank much for this video, but how to apply the banner to Ebay or to any store after you saved it to the computer. Thanks so much for your help in advance.

  14. Jasmine Bambury
    Jasmine Bambury says:

    Sam, all your videos have helped me so much. Thanks for your time. I enjoy getting to know you more in the later videos. Best wishes to all the family.

  15. Lolitabonita
    Lolitabonita says:

    thank you for this video…do you have a plan to do a how to do a ebay store start to finish? I did the banner but now what?

  16. mischal ensink
    mischal ensink says:

    Hi sam, thanks alot for your videos! I’m starting to become a bit more serious about my ebay business. it’s alot of fun but alot yet to learn. All your videos are certainly a great help! Subscribed and will check out all your content.

  17. Erin Dunlap
    Erin Dunlap says:

    Haha I was getting a Little bit frustrated with it all because in your description you have 1200 x 720 (not 270).
    But seriously though, thanks for the simple walkthrough! Other people make it a lot more complicated than it has to be.

  18. Anthony Edward
    Anthony Edward says:

    sweet. got my ebay page looking fresh. thank you man. look forward to more of ur videos. hope ur getting paid to to link the sites in ur description. may need some work in the future from u as well.


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