Designer in a Van: On Tour With Aaron Draplin | Skillshare Shorts

Designer in a Van: On Tour With Aaron Draplin | Skillshare Shorts

This short documentary is a never-before-seen-look at Aaron Draplin, the man behind the legend. Check out more from Aaron and learn his design process on Skillshare:

Join the Skillshare Film Team on the road with Aaron Draplin — iconic designer, hit Skillshare teacher, and legendary man of mystery. In 2017, Draplin hit the road in a one-of-a-kind orange van to meet with fans, students, and designers for a book tour unlike anything a designer has done before.

Inspired by the DIY and punk bands before him who have taken their tours into their own hands, he and his partner Leigh McKolay did all of the scouting, booking, driving, talking, hyping, fighting, making up, and making it work — all the while shipping merch and running the Draplin Design Company (DDC) from the backseat.

How does he make it work? Whether you’re a creative searching for inspiration, a Draplin fan, or simply curious for a real-world look at a successful side hustle, see how Draplin has built an iconic career from the ground up . . . all from his signature orange van.

Directed, Produced, and Edited by Bill Antonucci and Elliott Curtis

Animations by Daniel Fakharzadeh

Music by Los Roys

Additional Images Courtesy of Walker Art Center, Sam Fritch, Chelsea Parrett, Dan Hawk, and The Sage Colleges

Special thanks to Steve DeCusatis, Philadelphia University, and Sizzle Pie Brooklyn

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14 replies
  1. TheHeard19
    TheHeard19 says:

    This man is such an amazing inspiration that it is frankly a damn shame that none of my non-designer friends know who he is. Everyone could benefit from hearing him talk.

  2. David Vernier
    David Vernier says:

    The nicest guy ever, he gave me and my friends free passes to his lecture when we were at his Milwaukee workshop. Totally didn’t have too, will always remember and appreciate him for that. Love this guy!!!

  3. Frankie Johnnie
    Frankie Johnnie says:

    Thanks for sharing Skillshare. I took his class on your site. Learned about the class through another teacher Franki B. Kidd. She said his creativeness inspired her to create a class. Go Aaron!!!!! Love his color scheme (van, clothes, hat, merch, etc.)


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