Creating Graphics for Facebook Ads Fast & Easy

Creating Graphics for Facebook Ads Fast & Easy

I utilize Snappa to make 90% of my graphics! It is inexpensive, fast and easy. The only reason I use Photoshop these days is to create graphics with backgrounds that are transparent to save as PNGs so that I can upload them into Snappa!

One downside: They recently as of March 2016 came out with huge and awesome changes in their application and it can only be used in the Google Chrome browser 🙁 This will change soon, and for hard core Mac and Safari users like myself, it is simple as downloading Chrome and opening a new browser.

So what can Snappa do?

Create images in seconds with predesigned templates: Get started quickly with hundreds of predesigned templates that will increase engagement and drive traffic to your content. They offer a wide selection of templates for blog posts, social media, newsletters, and ad networks.

Optimized for social media & ad networks: Keeping track of image dimensions for each social media platform & ad network can be a nightmare. Snappa does almost all the hard work for you so that each image type is optimized for maximum engagement. No thinking required. If you require specific dimensions not listed – there is an easy way to do custom sizes.

Stunning high resolution photos: The photo library in Snappa is awesome. Search from over 10,000 modern photos taken by professional photographers AKA free stock photography with all commercial use rights…included FREE stock photography that rocks. New photos are added daily. Stocks photography is expensive! This one benefit alone is worth the cost.

Manage & store your designs: Maximize your workflow with the ability to save and edit all of your custom designs. Going back and editing a previous design takes just a few seconds.

Share instantly on social media: Connect multiple social media accounts and instantly share your images on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media platforms. If you utilize Buffer, you can directly schedule posts at specific times of the day can significantly improve engagement. The Buffer integration allows you to save time and energy by scheduling your image posts directly within the app.

This video was produced as part of a larger and more in-depth training on creating Facebook Ads. For more information on how you can build a successful and profitable Facebook Ad campaign with just $5 a day visit:

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