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Learn how to make Light Leaks Effects thanks to an After Effects course

3 ways to use Light Leaks for Creative Videos

By following a training in video editing, you quickly realize that it does not take much for an ordinary video to become a sensational one. To do this, simply add a few effects such as light leaks. Light Leaks are colorful shapes, bright halos that can appear on the image depending on the capture angle. […]

Virtual Reality Training After Effects

Virtual reality, everything is reinventing

Nowadays, the new movies that will appear in cinemas have several challenges to overcome: conquering a new audience, reinventing the narrative codes and adapt to new technical constraints. Right now, many movie actors agree on the fact that there should be changes in the cinema industry. Now let’s focus on the changing virtual reality prospects.

Social Media courses in USA Boston and Montreal for corporate and marketing web

Pinterest, the often forgotten social media strategies

The strategies used by enterprises to optimize the visibility of their online portal, to sell their products or to expand the presence of their brand on social networks, there is very often a social network that is forgotten and yet has all the trappings to become an indispensable element in your strategy. This is obviously […]


Adobe Muse, essential software

Adobe suite covers a wide range of interventions in most fields ranging from graphic design to audiovisual production. Therefore, it is software that remains essential for professionals and companies, because integrating the need of the companies and the possibility of creating images and video editing of high quality rendering. On the other hand, if there is software that does not have […]

strategy Facebook twitter and web design

A success of its social media strategy

With a little more than 2,060 billion registered on social networks, or 68% of Internet users and mobile internet accessibility in which doubles every year, social networks remain an ideal platform to make a marketing strategy that works. Moreover, with 2.46 million content that is shared on Face book, the first social networking in the world, knowing to […]

Google Adwords et Analytics Training in Montreal in English

What are the essential tools for a good video editing?

Video editing best practice An adage said that to make a good video editing is to ensure that the viewer does not notice anything. Not to feel especially the camera movements and parasitic noise .For this, we must work hard on the video editing so that all these details does not appear