Bari Weiss at Chautauqua: “The New Seven Dirty Words”

Bari Weiss at Chautauqua: “The New Seven Dirty Words”

Bari Weiss
“The New Seven Dirty Words”
Chautauqua Institution Amphitheater
Speaking during Week Five 2018, “The Ethics of Dissent”
July 26, 2018

Bari Weiss is a writer and editor for The New York Times opinion section, where she writes about culture and politics. Before joining the Times a year ago, Bari was an op-ed editor at The Wall Street Journal and an associate book review editor there. For two years, she was a senior editor at Tablet, the online magazine of Jewish news, politics, and culture, where she edited the site’s political and news coverage. Earlier this month, Bari won the Reason Foundation’s 2018 Bastiat Prize, which annually honors writing that “best demonstrates the importance of freedom with originality, wit, and eloquence.” The judges cited “her brilliant, incisive journalism defends that cornerstone of individual liberty and civil society: freedom of speech.” Bari is a proud Pittsburgh native and a graduate of Columbia.

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  1. Phillip Schmidt
    Phillip Schmidt says:

    I’m not sure which is worse, that this person thinks her vapid attacks of marginalized minorities is enlightened, or the people who think she is worthy of subjecting the rest of us to.
    Make no mistake, if you pay attention she is making a straw man argument around gender and sex. No serious person claims their are no difference. But its an easy applause line to virtue signal to those she sees as allies.
    Just like her empty claims attacking identity.
    She has absolutely no problem with identity, as long as its one she supports.
    If this is supposed to represent what constitutes intelligent civil discourse we are lost as a society.

    She seeks to pervert free speech to silence anyone who doesn’t share her worldview, while pretending to be the victim of an all powerful liberal media that never was.
    The media buy-in-large is corporate. Simple as that. They make more money everytime they increase viewership. So they put out "edgy" content, they don’t care as long as it increases add sales. Only in that very narrow way is there anything liberal about the media. So much of that content tends to be seen as liberal, look at punk or rock-n-roll. The right would never have the creativity to birth such movements.

    The ideologies of the right are reactionary. They are defined by what they are against. They are not prescriptive, rather they are stagnant and known for their desperate need of conformity.

  2. Tristan McIntosh
    Tristan McIntosh says:

    Can someone tell me why it is that I can’t load this video at 144 without waiting for 30 second buffers but I can watch a music video at 1080 no problem?

  3. William Otis
    William Otis says:

    She started out lying. Trump’s "pussy" comment was never intended for public consumption, was illegally recorded, and was said to a group of men in a private setting (I’ve heard worse when in a group of men) many years before he announced his candidacy. It was "locker room" talk …braggadocio. Most likely he had never done what he bragged about. Then she lied about what she claimed were his statements about "Mexicans". He was talking about those entering illegally, many of whom are criminals, rapists , thieves, and even murderers. But what would we expect from a New York Times columnist/opinion writer?

  4. listener523
    listener523 says:

    I didn’t get the dog whistle bit at the beginning. Have you ever heard Maxine Waters? If her IQ is over 85 I’ll eat my car.

  5. Sam Bryan
    Sam Bryan says:

    Ms Toth, thank you for your consideration of this submission.

    The central theme of Bari Weiss’s well-crafted and well-delivered July 26 talk addressed not letting political identity color one’s pronouncements on current issues. In my opinion though, she herself seriously violated this admonition. Her pro-Israel leanings led her to condemn the culture of Gaza relative to Israel. This she did claiming that Gaza treats gays more poorly than Israel. I would not deny that the quality of life of gays probably does suffer in Gaza. But a much more serious issue is how a country’s security forces treat those under its control. Israeli forces have killed over 300 and injured many thousands of unarmed Palestinians protestors in Gaza since this March. Gaza is wrong in its treatment of gays. Israel’s offenses against Palestinians are egregiously worse. Gaza may mistreat gays. Israel kills Palestinians. Both transgressions are to be condemned. But Israel’s transgressions are disproportionate. No, Ms Weiss, it is extremely hypocritical to say that Israel’s culture is better than Gaza’s at this time.

    Sam Bryan, Chapel Hill, NC. 919-428-8554

  6. Joe Berg
    Joe Berg says:

    The commie line to dismiss her points is “the audience at this free morning lecture is old” and the MAGA line to dismiss her points is “Obama was the real identity politics.”

  7. John McCall
    John McCall says:

    Really, Bari quotes Barry Obama on his South African speech against identity politics? What about the 8 years he was President and his 2 elections which were all about identity politics? Seriously, Obama’s speech was like watching patient zero looking at carnage his caused walking through town and saying, "My bad."

  8. William Otis
    William Otis says:

    What garbage. I thought I’d listen because I am a "Chautauquan" from way back. Where did they dig her up from?

  9. Ruben Ravi
    Ruben Ravi says:

    I may disagree with some of her political viewpoints, but the essence of the seven words…. Nailed it. Great speech. Love George Carlin btw

  10. Isaac K
    Isaac K says:

    "Between Gaza and Israel on gay rights" this is where cultural absolutism gets tricky because sure, Israeli culture is superior to Gazan on that one criteria, heck probably on many criteria, but what response does that permit? Gazans are being blockaded, starved to death and occasionally gunned down by Israelis and it is hard not to hear that jab against their gay rights a justification, though a carefully worded and indirect justification that can be easily denied.

    If you have vocal opposition to a cultural practice on one end of the spectrum, progressing to various pressures, sanctions, threats and ultimately forced assimilation on the other end, where do we draw the line? Most would agree it should be somewhere in the middle, but without a clear guiding principal I think a culture that stays more towards vocal opposition is better then one that intervenes.

  11. Golden Girl
    Golden Girl says:

    Bari Weiss – “identity politics is horrible”
    Also her- “if you don’t support Israel you are an anti Semite bigot!”
    A Zionist is against identity politics, hypocrite!

  12. LaJ126
    LaJ126 says:

    So let me get this straight, Obama understands the poison that is identity politics huh? Except how he played a significant role in spreading identity politics for the whole 8 years he was in office. Yeah, okay…

  13. Hugh Butler
    Hugh Butler says:

    Superior speech and experience. Your viewpoint is a model for those who want to eschew tribalism in favor of actual rational thought.

  14. Homeless Zombie Apocalypse
    Homeless Zombie Apocalypse says:

    "The Antidote to Identity Politics is Imagination" 18:37 Hurrah! I could not agree more. Given that I’m a very imaginative, creative person, this comment helps me understand why I find Identity Politics so disturbing. "It is a given that literature and art will offend: that is in its nature." 23:17 BRAVO!

    Bari, congratulations, this is a superb talk you gave. Had I come across your talk a few days ago, I’d have wanted to include parts of it or reference to it in my film on Identity Politics. (Identity Politics and Mass Delusion, here: ) You make so many excellent points with great examples, showing the increasingly ludicrous claims that issue from this divisive, intolerant, racist and delusional worldview.

  15. William Otis
    William Otis says:

    When she invoked Barack Obama as the one "who get’s it," I wanted to barf. That’s all I can stand of this diatribe. Enough!

  16. Bethany L
    Bethany L says:

    Guys. Yes. She is quoting Obama even though he made mistakes. You are angry she didn’t "call him out" for his pushing of identity politics , but she isn’t calling him out for things he said years ago. I believe obama is growing as humans do. He clearly believes identity politics have gone too far. Not a bad thing that some liberals are speaking out about it. Isn’t that a good thing?


    Wonderful speech. Spot on. Great diagnosis of what plagues our present times. Thoughtful prescriptions on moving forward. (And please get over the fact that this was delivered to an audience of mostly retired people.)

  18. bidhrohi12
    bidhrohi12 says:

    She’s severely biased. Ben Shapiro harbors some strong anti-gay and anti-Palestinian opinions, that merit criticism of Dupleiss. He was made aware of them, and he distanced himself from Shapiro. That’s how discussion and debate works. Weiss only speaks of empathy for a very particular group of people – critics of Islam, supporters of Israel. That’s fine, but don’t masquerade as doing so out of a love of hearing "other sides". She uses the word "litmus test" as judgement of liberals who fail to condemn Muslim "cultures". Again, that’s fine. But that contradicts her core message here of empathizing with an opposing side. We all are stubborn with our views. We all are combative against the people whose views we oppose. She is no different. She merely wants to silence those people who speak out against the likes of Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, etc. She’s exactly the thing she’s condemning.

  19. rainbowgames1
    rainbowgames1 says:

    This is so important. Sadly, I think people won’t wake up to the dangers she is identifying here until a couple of generations from now, when intersectional activism has escalated to a dystopian degree that no one can deny.

  20. Brandon Trainer
    Brandon Trainer says:

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  21. Bethany L
    Bethany L says:

    I sent this video to my republican mom and she said their were too many old people in the audience for her to take the speaker seriously.
    What?? lol

  22. William Otis
    William Otis says:

    She’s clearly reading her entire speech …word for word. She isn’t speaking naturally, but it’s as though she is reading to a group of children.

  23. Stephen Olsen
    Stephen Olsen says:

    Watch for the ageist commenters, here, mocking her audience lose their jobs in 20 years when ageist jokes stops being socially acceptable

  24. Kitten Holiday
    Kitten Holiday says:

    Wouldn’t it be amazing to get a standing ovation from an audience of 20-30 year olds? This audience looks to be 60-80 years old. They get it already. Preaching to the choir. A great lecture, I just wonder how a younger audience would respond. (Maybe they would protest and shut it down)

  25. Keep Climbing
    Keep Climbing says:

    I’m pretty sure the 90 year-olds in that audience didn’t understand half of the references she made. The Chautauqua institute is the Florida of NY.

  26. Bethany L
    Bethany L says:

    Why aren’t more people listening to this woman? She should meet up with the intellectual dark web dudes . we need a smart woman in the club cuz men (although they can speak for their own experiences in regards to women’s topics) can’t really speak FOR women. But women then cant speak for the mans experience either (because men who are promised a baby do experience loss when that baby is aborted without their consent. It is a different type of struggle than having to be the one to get an abortion but still one worth addressing.) Aka NUANCE IS A MUST.
    Please. We need to start a movement. A shift toward this way of thinking. How do we do it?


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