As you are using Adobe InDesign CC For beginners | 5 InDesign tools you should KNOW

As you must KNOW Adobe InDesign CC For beginners | 5 InDesign tools,

If you’ve always wanted, learn Adobe InDesign, I will talk through the top 5 InDesign Tools, you need to know to get started with your. We will learn how to using Adobe InDesign CC for beginners now!

It is a Adobe-quick start Video to help you to be comfortable with the use of Adobe InDesign, if you are just starting.

Subtitles available for this video goes to the field ” CC ” at the bottom right to activate/deactivate.

Video created by Lisa Siefert, great Designs

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  1. El Duderino
    El Duderino says:

    Hi Lisa, I know we should say in the comment how fabulous, great etc, what you do, but as we know, we only learn from the honest feedback. And my honest feedback is: just as other tutorials I have found, you are waaaaaaay tooooo fast. Remember how we learned to drive? "Put the gear into First." (instructor waits for ten seconds, until student finds the first gear.) "Got it?" Student: I think so. Instructor: "Ok, then slowly, let the clutch and give a little gas…" (Ten seconds later…" "Very good…" the way these tutorials on youtube go, with the above analogy of learning to drive a car: (Instructor) "Put the gear into First. Then do this… then do that… and off you go!…" waaaay tooo fast. sorry, maybe a different generation, but I am also a teacher, so speaking from experience: after every single new thing you teach, you must count to five, at least. just something to think about. cheers


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