Android App Development for Beginners – 11 – Designing the User Interface

Android App Development for Beginners – 11 – Designing the User Interface

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  1. kiran kumar
    kiran kumar says:

    sir…I just recently started to learn app development..n I have Android studio 2.3.3 n wen I go to add an new activity it says… project not created wat do I do?

  2. martin mtandi
    martin mtandi says:

    I have a problem with my Android Studio. When i drag and drop element onto my design interface and allign it the way i want, the moment i run the App it comes up jumbled up at the top left corner. wat could be the reason?

  3. Jon Cross
    Jon Cross says:

    for those wondering it seems in android studio 2.0 at it’s current version contains another tab called content_main.xml – this is what you will be using to place your text boxes.

    another thing to note is that a button will be added to your blank layout known as a FAB. You can actually delete this in the activity_main.xml

    hope this helps a few of you. You should also delete the corresponding scripts in the .java file referencing the Floating Action Toolbar.

    If there is a way to load up a previous iteration over the current one that might be better for following along with this tutorial.

  4. Joseph Tardieff
    Joseph Tardieff says:

    I need some serious help with my app. In my program I have two XML pages that won’t load upon button click. I kid you not when I say all of the coding is correct. There are 8 buttons in the java code and they were all copied and pasted from the same "variable.setOnClickListener (new Button.OnClickListener {});"

    So it makes no sense for the first two not to work, but the other 6 work correctly. All XML layouts have java codes, and all java activities are listed in Android manifest. Also, in redoing the XML layouts that are failing me, I’ve noticed the selected photos I want to use will make the app crash, but work fine with others.

    Again, all coding is correct 100%. No coding is missing and the closest answer I got was that the app ran out of memory space for the app, but I’m pretty sure that’s not it. Btw one of these pages was working flawlessly before I got farther along in developing the app. Could somebody please tell me why this is happening? I have all of my button ref id’s, XML, java, and activities in manifest. Why would only two XML files not work properly when they were all copied from the same code?

  5. Allen Johnson
    Allen Johnson says:

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  6. Shivani Tanuja
    Shivani Tanuja says:

    Rendering Problems: Couldn’t resolve resource @dimen/activity_horizontal_margin (4 similar errors not shown) "@dimen/activity_horizontal_margin" in attribute "paddingLeft" is not a valid format.
    How to solve this issue?

  7. Hassan Waris
    Hassan Waris says:

    i need help on the mac version of android studio i have 2 content main and activity main, plus, i can only add stuff on the content main.xml file not the activity main.xml file,

  8. Bharath Reddy
    Bharath Reddy says:

    i couldnt found where all the code is in forum, can u please suggest me where i can found all the code of android development of this course?

  9. Tom Yang
    Tom Yang says:

    at 2:20 im using android studion 2.3.1 when i open the app folder it does not have the java folder , how can i create another blank activity in my project ?

  10. Durvesh Korgaonkar
    Durvesh Korgaonkar says:

    Instead of having only one ‘activity_main.xml’ i also have ‘content_main.xml’!
    Am I doing some mistake?
    Pls reply.
    Android studio version – 1.5.1

  11. Manny Dorsey
    Manny Dorsey says:

    If you’re using Android Studio 2.0 use API 9. If you already started a new project go to build.gradle (Module: app) and change minSdkVersion from 8 to 9, sync (there should be a pop-up asking you to), and use an empty activity. I haven’t found any issues yet just using one SDK higher.

  12. HermanLoud
    HermanLoud says:

    In case of everything "looks piled" while emulating: If anyone is using a newer Android Studio version, this could be confusing because it uses something called "ContraintLayout", so that blue screen aside of the design screen (looks like blueprint) is the part where those icons, text and such must be specified in position of height and width, if not everything will look piled on the top left side of the screen when doing the emulation. Is hard to explain but, to give a quick hint on the blue design screen you must click on the blue ball thingy that appears in the frame of the objects and drag it to one of the horizontal margins, as-well to one of the vertical margins, specifying height and width.

  13. cixlo
    cixlo says:

    When I got a tutorial for eclipse while using android studio I became depressed. Taking matters into my own hands you made me less depressed than I am on a day to day basis. Thanks I’m now 0.000000001 percent less miserable.

  14. Jorge Mongelos
    Jorge Mongelos says:

    HI there Bucky! Big Fan here! I’m going for Web/Software Development. This concept is not working for me. It tells me that "ActionBarActivity" is deprecated, and I get a bunch of errors while running the project. What should I do?

  15. Priyanshu Gupta
    Priyanshu Gupta says:

    hey i am not finding Large, Medium, Small Text in Palette only A single option of TextView which is too small in size. i am using android studio 2.2

  16. iEditingStudios
    iEditingStudios says:

    PLEASE HELP! Whenever I create a new activity, it never looks like the ones you create! Instead I get a double title bar which is really annoying (doesn’t matter which theme I choose), I also have a red message button in the bottom right corner which I don’t know anything about, and sometimes the Hello World is missing. I am using API 23 (Android 6.0).

  17. Josh23761
    Josh23761 says:

    Everything I add seems to want to attach itself to all the other components, meaning when I want to move it, it scrambles the entire interface around. How can I disable this annoying a useless feature?

  18. ashish paralkar
    ashish paralkar says:

    I have the various widgets listed in a file called ‘content_main.xml’ and not ‘activity_main.xml’. Why is this so? In the video there is no content_main.xml at all….

  19. 25Aditya25
    25Aditya25 says:

    I have android studio 2.0 and there is nothing called as blank activity.I choose empty activity the java stuff is different(much lesser than that seen in video).What should I do??

  20. Paul Aumoeualogo
    Paul Aumoeualogo says:

    I can’t seem to find a blank activity at all on the activity tab. I’ll just accept that there is no longer anything like that on this newer verion (2.1.2). Less someone else knows how to do it

  21. Shashank Saxena
    Shashank Saxena says:

    For people who are seeing this around the time this comment was posted, I used an empty activity. The code was much shorter (only the onCreate) method was on there, and the UI on the phone had a top bar, right under the status bar with the name of the project.


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