After Effects Tutorial: Animated Map

After Effects Tutorial: Animated Map – Read more about creating an animated map in After Effects with with a route reveal and starting/ending labels. This basic After Effects tutorial is great for local business or event videos.
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  1. Ex Salos
    Ex Salos says:

    if i want to add an animated map like this on to an existing video is there a sync option or should i do it by eye in premiere pro?

  2. Iakovos Makis Gavalas
    Iakovos Makis Gavalas says:

    Hey ! Nice tutorial !! Like ! I want to make a text effect with lines. Could you please make a tutorial in which the camera follows the lines in paper ( not from top view) and in the end we can see from above the text that was produced ?

  3. Nelson Gabriel Gonzalez
    Nelson Gabriel Gonzalez says:

    Absolutely useful, flawlessly (<- I don’t know if that word exists) explained from "Starting" to "Ending". Thank you very much!!

  4. John MacNeill
    John MacNeill says:

    Why are my attempts at making a mask foiled by the hand tool being auto picked and not the draw tool. Very frustrating. I like your work.

  5. thebatu89
    thebatu89 says:

    When I try to set scaling, the box just keep flying away from the current position instead shrinking/growing at the exact same spot? Help please?

  6. Derek Freal
    Derek Freal says:

    Appreciate the walkthrough but now that I’ve finished my AE clip I keep getting Premiere import errors. Countless Google searches are not giving me any answers either. Have any suggestions on how to go about this process?

  7. EmpyreanLightASMR
    EmpyreanLightASMR says:

    All I needed was the trim tool (a riot considering the amount of stuff going on in this video) but this video was AWESOME to watch and reminded me of a few things. Very cool stuff, thanks!

  8. MrZeeg617
    MrZeeg617 says:

    Hi quick question. When you edit the sources like material options, position, rotation, I always get the whole things out. What buttons did you press to only get the property you wanted to change? Thanks


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