After Effects Tutorial: Hologram Effect

Adobe After Effects Tutorial Hologram Effect
Download Project, video stock, and video model:
Model Portrait: Beckham
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50 réponses
  1. hyaserum Family
    hyaserum Family dit :

    Hello, I am Thai, I want to use the program after effect. You can introduce it. I do ecommerce Thank you in advance for sharing thank you very much.

  2. teja varma
    teja varma dit :

    Hi can u please guide me in this bellow video from 00.20 sec on wards they used some software can u please guide me what they used

  3. Joseph Böhme
    Joseph Böhme dit :

    Sorry to complex to follow as well as others
    Lots of moves that appear w/o explanation- like copy past duplicate, nor having the end effect shown at the beginning0- so we know what we are trying to do. VERY IMORTANT to motivate us for 22 minute instruction.

  4. Thomas Garner
    Thomas Garner dit :

    awesome stuff as usual man. Quick question. Why does my hologram fade out slowly towards the end. Its barely still visible when my finger goes to click/close it. How can I fix this? Thanks!

  5. Julien Décarie
    Julien Décarie dit :

    Ok first you should talk there’s no shame in it because to be better I need some explanation to what is it and when to use etc. Plz improve


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