3Ds Max Tutorial – 15 – Material Editor

3Ds Max Tutorial – 15 – Material Editor

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50 réponses
  1. dorpho55
    dorpho55 dit :

    can you help me, please …i must apply a material in only one side of the Plane (standar primitive) ( as a page with an art in one side and white in other one, but it’s look impossible…i did tried a bunch of things, but no sucsses.

  2. schajuli
    schajuli dit :

    Hey, is there any chance how i can transfer JUST the material settinggs from material #1 to another one (material #2) and overwrite so an existing material (#2) from the scene in one or two clicks (instead of always use find selected materials and re-apply the desired material to them .. that method is working but quiet annoying and takes ages … Thx

  3. Mathias Holland
    Mathias Holland dit :

    I have checked out many tuts on this, none of them very helpful. One major issue and difference is I do not have that ‘Blinn Basic Parameters’ section available, where the Diffuse option is. Really annoying. I am using 3ds 2014. Anyone know why I do not get that damn section in my material editor?? Or anyone know a tut vid that starts from the beginning, showing me everything to do to set this up? All of these videos appear to be for ppl already relatively fluent in 3ds. My skills after only 2 weeks of use are not that advanced.

  4. Ben Gregoire Design
    Ben Gregoire Design dit :

    yeah 2012 and 2013 have the menus reworked to make it difficult and confusing. everything is moved around and renamed. really frustrating

  5. RISE
    RISE dit :

    Every time if i want to add a texture / bitmap on an object it begins saying that its an IFL and cannot add the picture i want to add. the photo is a .jpg and it works normally fine. How can i remove the IFL crap and just add the bitmap?

  6. Hans van Vlijmen
    Hans van Vlijmen dit :

    No that has nothing to do with your 2013 version
    Click M on the keybord and the materialscreen will pop up
    Go to modes and you can choose and pick one of the 2 diffenrent materialsettings
    Slate Material Editor is a big screen without the materials ( balls ) In the tutorial from thenewboston is the setting from his 3DS max menu on Compact Material Editor and that one is also in 3DS max 2013

  7. Chommpy Napper
    Chommpy Napper dit :

    My Material Editor looks strange!!!!! :/ I have 2013 so i guess thats why, but it makes it very hard to follow this part :/

  8. David Rapp
    David Rapp dit :

    When you double click the preview sphere you get a new window, that you can then resize – so if you are working on something complicated you get to see the details.

  9. Travis Smith
    Travis Smith dit :

    You helped a lot… I’m just getting back to 3D… So, I’m learning basically how to walk again through the software… Thanks…

  10. Cornelious Stradivarius
    Cornelious Stradivarius dit :

    OMG WQOOHOOOOOOO FINALY FIGURED THIS CRAP Problem with the non selecting out after 2hours of Fiddling with settings and boxes. RIGHT PEOPLE! :D. Select a sphere in materials window > Click Blinn Basic Parameters (click the grey box on the right of ‘Diffuse’ > Select your material from the list (you should have already saved your material to the library), click Ok and now click the ‘Assign Material to Selection’ icon under all the spheres (third from left) and click ‘Show Standard Map In Viewport’ (fourth icon from the right) and EUREKA!!!! sometimes a struggle is good. Makes the reward so much sweeter haha. Hope this helps others. GL : ]

  11. Cornelious Stradivarius
    Cornelious Stradivarius dit :

    I have noticed also that when dragging from the materials window to the polygon windows the 3DS Main View window doesnt seem to acknowledge the hover

  12. Lucas Rush
    Lucas Rush dit :

    Hi, when I try to drag and drop the material to my object, it doesn’t allow me, my cursor turn into the small grey box with a little black circle and a line through it. Please respond so I can fix this quickly.


  13. Cornelious Stradivarius
    Cornelious Stradivarius dit :

    Right this has pissed me off so badly now. I have a BMP file of a snake skin tile (offset it in Photoshop)I want to apply to a sphere. I have saved it to the Materials library and I find it under ‘Material’ > ‘Get Material’ > [Tick] Mtl Library (first option on my list), double click it so it shows on the selected material sphere (which it does) and try to click and drag….nothing happens. I try to click ‘Apply to Material Selection’ icon (third from left right under all the spheres) and STILL nothing. I’m at my wits end. Was REALLY motivated to get some work done today but Googling this problem has solved nothing :[

  14. Fiery Kitsune
    Fiery Kitsune dit :

    When I drag and drop my materials onto my objects, they don’t change colour in the viewport. It only shows when it is rendered.

  15. Jakob Mikkelsen
    Jakob Mikkelsen dit :

    Why can’t i apply any material? I can apply self made colors but when i try to use a material from the material list, i can’t press the "Assign material to selection" button, nor drag it. Help please.



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