3DS Max – Freeform Modeling and Fitting Objects Together – Part 1

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In this video I will show you how to use freeform modeling and fit objects together in 3D Studio Max.

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  1. Nan Fredman
    Nan Fredman dit :

    I normally model in Modo, but I’ve found that most of Arrimus3D’s techniques do translate nicely. The Custom Grid, for instance, is essentially Modo’s built-in Workplane tool.

    Thanks for this! Inspiring and elegant as always.

  2. mostafa elgammal
    mostafa elgammal dit :

    you the best really you my motivation this days into more complected modeling
    thanks you for everything you do thanks thanks 🙂

  3. Michael Vaughan
    Michael Vaughan dit :

    would 3ds max be suitable for modeling helicopter parts to be used on a CNC machine, or would autocad be a better choice? Or is there a combination of programmes that would work? I want to be able to produce a good looking model for marketing but also be used for CNC machine. Thanks

  4. predator1286
    predator1286 dit :

    А что он нажал что бы у него сразу круг получился когда выдавливал квадрат подскажите пожалуйста !

  5. Arkey
    Arkey dit :

    hardest part about modeling so far isn’t making the modeling, ive pretty much got that down thanks to your videos! The hardest part for me is picking which parts to consider modeling separately when everything looks combined and combing separate parts together or when you can’t see certain spots in concept art and you just go brain dead because you can’t improvise. Like for realistic weapons and items you can build it separately manufacturing style. But when it gets scifi with all these nobs and gizmos the topology gets crazy if you don’t keep it separate but its hard to make them look uniform when you make 2 separate pieces.

  6. nfindorf
    nfindorf dit :

    Nice technique, again, learned something new from you. Thank you. Can you cover the Paint Connect tool. It seems interesting and could also
    speed up the workflow in some cases

  7. Juan Milanese
    Juan Milanese dit :

    Arrimus, Amazing Video as always!
    I have a request, could you do some kind of… snapping masterclass video with examples of how to use the different snaps and stuff?
    Boring topic, I know but… I think In 6 years of using 3ds max I only used vertex snap and grid snap… and lately the pivot snap that I got the idea from your building modular structures videos… I feel like i’m missing on a lot in my workflow by not knowing that topic well.

  8. Adrien Matos
    Adrien Matos dit :

    I’m having problems with the part of the "Shift + right-click" to create more lines and have more polygons, how do you do that?

  9. MrWaveyDL
    MrWaveyDL dit :

    Thanks so much for your videos. I’ve learnt loads from watching them all. Quick tip for viewers: Alt-Right click with bring up the Reference Coordinate System menu for quickly swapping between view/screen/local and so on. Keep up the great content!

  10. Tibor Majoros
    Tibor Majoros dit :

    Holly ssss!! Your workflow is amazing! Do you have many shortcut include object and camera rotation? As i saw you do not change to rotate view or rotate object when you do it. Just simply rotating them. How could you do this?

  11. jason diaz
    jason diaz dit :

    Amazing as always 😀 also sir i dont know much about character base mesh and would like to request you on making comprehensive tutorial on character base mesh male/female . thankyou again for your amazing work helps newbies like me a lot

  12. utathya23
    utathya23 dit :

    You are one of the best teachers on YouTube. I would like to thank you for devoting so much of your time to us!! BTW, WORK FASTER…I want more!!! 😀

  13. Khurram Shahzad
    Khurram Shahzad dit :

    Hi, I’ve been a decent modeler but your tutorials made me even better. Thanks.
    My Question is what version of max are you using? and how did you got those classic "Chamfer edge" menu at 4:44? please reply asap. Thanks again.


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